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  1. oh yeah this is waaay better than EVE, new runway (and some others close to it) looks dope
  2. I assume it does, hadn't touched this in quite a long time. And to install it - 1. Have the original GPO 2. Put GPO in the gamedata 3. Download the scatterer rebuild 4. in the file "GPO" replace the already existing "scatterer" file there with my "scatterer" from the extracted GPOscatterer.zip, hope this helps!
  3. Have you tested it with scatterer and without scatterer? @Drupegod02
  4. by what do you mean half of the planets? All of the atmospheric planets included in the pack have scatterer configs. Plus this is pretty much finished, more bugfixes and improving may come in the future.
  5. Hello! I have made yet another scatterer rebuild for GPO! Now this time I have permission from Linx to upload it! (proof in the spoilers) Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1A3rMMYVqSqTJsMSn2dmKucIVaersLU80/view?usp=sharing Simply just drop the scatterer file to an already existing GPO file. (since I somehow doubled my gpo file size to 1.28 gb somehow) Screenshots: ... :husk:
  6. "noooo you can't just make a starkiller base orbit dres" "haha dres go kaboom"
  7. I've also experienced this bug, and can confirm that quicksaving and quickloading does not work.
  8. Hello! I would like to change my name to CirrusifiedEquili, I wanted to change it since I did a small typo and forgot to add an I before the L. And "Ducko" is a bit too easy to encounter in some websites, Thank you!
  9. Understandable, this is my first time modding and publishing something to the KSP community, I'll try to be more careful later.
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