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  1. Yes becuz it is a blue jay and blue is the coppers Why did I send Val on a mission in a crate?
  2. The expensive hotel: Great flats resort The cheap one: lesser flats (With f hanging on it's side) motel:)
  3. Yeah. The KSP is like the wright flyer, only interesting to some. By the way, what craft of yours has the highest deltav? For me it is my concerningly maneuverable plane. The way it seems, squad is joining in.
  4. What I mean is the "next generation of KSP players". In other words, people who don't play the orig right now.
  5. Ur not wrong. The people attracted by the sequel will likely not know a thing about the original, but thats why we're here! I have two games on steam. TABS, and KSP. Right now TABS has 48 hours of gameplay whilst KSP has 150 hours LOL (I know that seems like a very smalll amount but first I played on the computer in the basement with is so old it couldn't handle mods. Then I tried our Imac but that wouldn't even turn on. Lastly I tried the xbox but was depressed because of the lack of mods. And now, here I am playing KSP on steam on my new Macbook. Things couldn't be better... Or could they?????) Also I made a status update about this.
  6. Okay, so who are meant for each other. I think Jeb and Val should get married on June 24th (The tenth anniversary). I also ship Margo with Linus. They seem alike. These are all the ideas I've got. So do you have any ideas?
  7. ah yes, who can forget Margaret.
  8. Dear every forum user,

    The tenth anniversary of KSP is coming up, and with it loads of new content. If you haven't heard, this is the LAST major update planned for the game. After this update's release the devs will look further towards KSP 2. I would like to congratulate the modding community for its hard work. And what's more amazing is that they did it for people like me, and with no cost. I would like to thank the devs and the beloved Harvester who will likely not be reading this:(.  And lastly, I would like to thank every player, console or computer, for their cheerfulness and support off the devs. Thank you all for making this amazing game even more amazing, and let us bid farewell to KSP updates and the devs until the next milestone (Balsa and KSP2). KSP2 OR BUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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    2. JB182


      i will play this game for my whole life.

    3. Singhnaut


      I will bring this to the Mun, I mean moon.

    4. Singhnaut


      I think you mean until it outgrows technology:wink::science:

  9. Why do I actually want NASA to serve minmus icecream?
  10. or it could use ore (yes I know that makes no sense). Or filament could be a new resource.
  11. Singhnaut


    Everything is wrong here. Mods are gone too. I ruled the possibilities down to a huge hack or he left Everything is wrong here. Mods are gone too. I ruled the possibilities down to a huge hack or he left
  12. Singhnaut


    profile pic is gone. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE KRAKEN
  13. sweet, I downloaded scatterer and it blew my mind.
  14. I completed my first challenge (I thought you had to go through a complicated sign up process lol but I gues you don't)! The badge is so cool!
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