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  1. Definitely first docking. So many times Jeb ran out of fuel as he went round and round trying to dock the lander to the capsule, only to have to don the helmet and EVA over. Now it's so easy I don't know why it took so long.
  2. That would turn poor Jeb into paste.
  3. Got a message when loading that said Mech Jeb wasn't compatible. Only one of my 8 or so mods that complained.
  4. I'm sure this one has already been posted, but Mirger Kerman got up to about 40 m/s on a Munar EVA and didn't quite make it over a rise. Poof. Never did that one before. Usually they just tumble and bounce.
  5. I had this same issue. If you create a couple of files in the BoulderCo folder it will remove the error message. I created a Terrain folder and added a file 'terrain.cfg' with just a single line EVE_TERRAIN{} In the Atmosphere folder I created 'atmosphere.cfg' with the line EVE_ATMOSPHERE{} This cleared the error, but it doesn't set up any config. I tried going with a default config for atmosphere which was not pretty. There are quite a few values for both tabs. When I have some time to play with it I'll see what it can do.
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