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  1. I've built a ship to send a lander to Laythe, with no aerobraking and no gravity assists. It has three nuclear engines but it is quite heavy, so it needs a 42 minutes burn to reach Jool. I have two problems: 1 - I can't start the engines 21 minutes before the maneuver node because in this case my periaxis should fall below 50000 mt. inside the kerbin atmosphere (even if I start at 200000 mt.). But ok, I could solve this by starting closer to the MN and making some later course correction on the way to Jool. 2 - The real problem is that the ship can't keep the MN direction for such a long time. After about 15 minutes the remaining burning time stops decreasing and starts increasing, the orbit becomes very narrow and everything goes in a mess. What can I do?
  2. I have the original game, no mods installed. In order to protect me by a HD crash, which files should I save? Is it enough to copy the "KSP\saves" folder?
  3. So...I could get Jebediah and Dulmio in the capsule using the combination jump/RCS, but Midutta couldn't jump high enough (women should better stay home? ). I then moved the lander about 400 mt away with a short take off and landing and the girl could finally climb the ladder and join her friends. The only explanation that comes in my mind is that this thing is influenced by the slope (before it was 6,2°, now 5,3°), but this doesn't explain why everything was fine in the first EVA
  4. After a trip with the rover on Duna, the three cannot climb through the connection between the Kelus LV and the Pagasus I ladders......everything was fine in a previous EVA! Will they be lost in such a stupid way on the Red Planet? https://ibb.co/s6tnD2B
  5. Yes that's the first thing I checked: "full probe control" all the time.
  6. So: I entered the game again and this time the MN worked (strange, as I already tried before "out and in" and no joy), but only for one time: I tried the "clear input locks" procedure and no effect. I unset the target (the other probe) and it worked: I made an orbit adjustment, then I set again the target and then other adjustments and now everything seems to work. But the mystery remains (could you explain better what is the "maneuver node UI element at the bottom left"? Sorry, I'm relatively new to this)
  7. I placed two relay satellites in Duna's orbit to allow control of future lander probes. I have full probe control and plenty of fuel for both. I want to arrange their orbits to set them on a single plan, so I set a MN at the intersection of the orbits and started to modify the inclination of the orbit of one of them. It worked fine. I wanted to do the same at the other intersection to complete the maneuver, I set there a MN but this time the MN appears but the directions are undraggable: no way to control it. The same for the other probe. I tested similar probes around Mun and MNs work perfectly. Anybody knows what kind of mystery is this?
  8. Yes HECS2. I used 2 to have more space to set batteries and solar panels. Well, I'm not so experienced...... Centre of mass is quite the same for both of them, just at the decouplers' level
  9. I'm really getting crazy on this...... Rover Test (fairing) Rover Test (no fairing) Mun Ship Rover (fairing) Mun Ship Rover (no fairing) Same vector, Rover Test is a bit lighter and with an apparently lower drag fairing. Still Mun Ship works perfectly, Rover Test always loses control. I'd say it's something related to the shape of payload, But how is it possible when there's a fairing?
  10. I built a simple probe with a nuclear engine just to test interplanetary navigation. I tried many different vectors, but I never succeded in put this thing in orbit: As soon as I bend the trajectory at about 10,000 m. the rocket becomes uncontrollable. This very rarely happened to me with other manned/unmanned vehicles, but in this case every configuration I tried failed. These are the pics of the last one, with and without fairing. Anybody can tell me where's the mistake? https://ibb.co/bdSBqR8 https://ibb.co/HhLWHBr (Sorry but for some reason the pics don't appear, I hope the link is visible)
  11. Yes using the Navball is what I actually do, still this leads to make some attempts before to understand what is the result of the commands, and this can create some problem expecially in some critical maneuvre as pinpoint landing.
  12. When moving kerbals on surface, the commands Forward, Back, Left, Right are always referred to the point of view. This doesn't happen with vehicles for commands of Pitch, Roll and Yaw, and for SCR traslations Up, Down, Left and Right. So, what's the correct point of view to get the ship moved in the direction I ask?
  13. I'm running Win 7 and I think my settings must be different because I couldn't find what you said. Anyway that must be the problem. I could solve it at the moment just changing the commands for accelerate/ decelerate with the keys "\" and "1" and everything seems working fine now. Thanks for the help!
  14. Hi everybody, I've been on KSP for a week and I started my first missions. Everything was fine until orbiting Mun and back to Kerbin, but when I attempted my first Mun landing an annoying issue rose up: I turned on the engine full throttle to leave the orbit and start the descent, but when close to landing I hit the LeftShift key to slow down, the thrust went to the top (with a "beep"); the opposite hitting the LeftCtrl key to reduce the throttle. Practically, I wasn't able to make any fine regulation of the thrust, only maximum or zero. I could land anyway, but then I had the same problem with the Jetpack commands during the EVA. I suspect it's a problem with the keyboard setting, but it's strange that it happens only by Mun's surface. Any idea?
  15. Un saluto a tutti. Ho scaricato KSP da una decina di giorni ed ho cominciato le mie prime missioni. Tutto bene fino all'entrata in orbita di Mun e ritorno, ma quando ho tentato il primo atterraggio si è verificato un fastidioso problema: Ho acceso il motore a tutto gas e poi spento per iniziare la discesa finale, ma quando sono arrivato a fare le frenate per effettuare l'allunaggio premendo il tasto shift sinistro la spinta andava subito al massimo, e premendo ctrl sinistro tornava subito al minimo; in pratica era impossibile effettuare regolazioni fini della spinta. Una volta atterrato comunque (con grande fatica), lo stesso problema si presentava con i relativi comandi del jetpack durante l'EVA. Avete idea di che cosa possa essere successo?
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