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  1. been quite a while @OrdinaryKerman
  2. no hehehe @OrdinaryKerman dassault systems replied to my joke comment on one of their ig posts
  3. three claps for the fish! @ColdJ
  4. coldj didnt guess, so, inconclusive. @OrdinaryKerman wherea re you
  5. sorry abel, failed you previously, and failed you now. @Ben J. Kerman
  6. congratulations, you have summoned pootis @OrdinaryKerman
  7. red tomislav banana steel gloves sniper heavy go brr
  8. *unintelligible "hmph" noises accompanied with an entire shed on fire in background*
  9. 4/10 you seem to be recently active in the games waiter, there;s soup in my waiter
  10. the WishGiveTron-9000 fails horribly, which rresults in the process being aborted. i wish to wish the wish you wish to wish
  11. the gaping innocent smile of the hoovy in my pfp makes the blackhole cry happy tears, accelerating the rate of its hawking radiation and killing it 10^100 years earlier than previously calculated
  12. no unfortunately @JB182 mana lu bang (where are you)
  13. youve asked the wrong question. law is just the abstract concept of orderliness trying to survive in the chaotic and ever changing world and society. which is more impressive: 1.4l v12 turboed producing 1400hp goinf up to 12k rpm or 2l 3-inline twin-turboed doing 600 while just goin up to 8.5k rpm?
  14. banned for having a cryptic "About me:"
  15. @Abel101126depends on the rocket, some vehicles can pretty much go horizontal and still achieve a good orbit, others need to gain some height first. what is the main difference of 2 and 4 stroke engines?
  16. side effect: the 7up you receive are all contaminated with alcohol, caffeine, dissolved hard candies, and cough syrup super power: i believe i can fly, i believe i can touch the sky, i think about it every night and day, spread my wings and fly away
  17. a while after they disembark the boat and walk to civilization they have unexpectedly traveled into the origin (10°21'00.0"N 11°45'00.0"E) of an anomalous deadly fog curtain currently spreading at a rate of 0.1c (THE FOG IS COMING) a danny "research" mission
  18. But sir, I am not to participate in a bar exam, for I am not studying law! Waiter! There's my love for you in my soup!
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