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  1. As you say, "harvested" cannot be removed consistently. I intend to read most of the WOLF documentation on Github etc., but I may have missed it. WOLF doesn't have Uraninite and Enriched Uranium Hoppers, so I don't think it can be used to transport nuclear fuel.
  2. Good afternoon! OK, got it. Thank you for your answer. I preface that English is unfamiliar. The last sentence of RoverDude may not have been understood exactly by me, but I think it probably says that it contradicts the purpose of WOLF. I understood that the absence of equipment history was due to WOLF's purpose of reducing the number of parts. However, I thought it would be possible to delete the output value with only Harvestable resources. For example, allow only the Harvestable resource "Harvested" to be zero. Partial disposal of mining equipment. However, with the exception of MHU-100, Harvestable resources cannot be mined by Harvester alone. I think that if the production process is unknown and some deletions are allowed, the rules will be sloppy. For example, the desire to use the surplus capacity of PDUs may come from the opening of Pandora's box. If so, I understand the need to rule that the connection of equipment to the depot is irreversible. I'm convinced that players only need to plan their equipment carefully and make one-time allowed capital investments carefully. By the way, what about Nuclear Fuel? I understand that in reality Nuclear fuel is treated differently from other resources. However, I've read somewhere that Orbital Logistics will be deprecated in the future, so I'm wondering if I'll be delivering it from the ground to the orbital station myself. However, even so, the frequency is low, so I think it's okay.
  3. Hello. I am very excited about WOLF. There are 2 questions. 1. WOLF doesn't seem to have an Enriched Uranium chain, do you have any plans to include it in WOLF in the future? My new Minmus base now is not sustainable with various hoppers alone, so I have installed MKS Uraninite drills and Tundra Nuclear fuel Plants. (The image shows the new Minmus base under construction.) We also need nuclear fuel to load into the vessel built locally. I think it difficult to replace everything with fuel cells. https://imgur.com/a/ynkwgP6 2. I first started by connecting the low efficiency MHU-100 harvester to the depot. Due to the limited resources available, I later tried to switch to the more efficient MHU-500, but I didn't know how to remove the equipment from the depot, so I removed the production capacity from the .sfs file. Do you have a plan for any functions to remove connected equipment (production capacity) from the depot?
  4. Thank you for your reply. In other words, regardless of whether it is LH2 or LFO, the correct specification is that the maximum thrust is 180kN, and the display of 1200kN is wrong, right? If so, just understanding it is enough for me. I have no more request. When I traced and read the related cfg file, I couldn't find the element indicating 1200kN, so I thought it was "strange". Thank you for the development of OPT. I am looking forward to the future.
  5. Hello! I was absent from playing KSP for 3 or 4 months, but recently I enjoyed playing again with KSP which was upgraded to 1.11. I noticed that my favorite SSTO I made earlier wasn't as fast as it used to be. It was equipped with ARI-73 and was operating in LH2 mode. At the time of takeoff from KSP, the Thrust value did not rise above 180kN. The performance notation in SPH is Max Thurust: 1200kN (ASL), and in my memory, it seems that the thrust of 1200kN was actually output when taking off from KSP. Is this behavior normal? The image and log when reproduced in a simple environment with only OPT3mod and Cryogenic Engine are attached. I would be happy if you could tell me. Thank you. LogFile
  6. Thanks for telling me. I didn't know that. So I understand that the solution is to play in KSP English version.
  7. I forgot to mention the important thing. I rewrote it in the save file as follows, and the problem is gone.
  8. Thank you for the treasured world that is MKS and USI-LS. Thank you for making me happy. I installed USI-LS later on after I started the game. After playing for a while, I was often plagued by a few problems. I've found what I believe to be the cause of the problem and I'll report it here. Events that occur The LS Status window is blank. All CommNet is disconnected; all green lines disappear in the TrackingCenter screen as well. Scenes that occur In a Vessel, supply or hab becomes expire and trait becomes "Tourist". At this point, the problem does not arise. The problem occurs when the supply or hab is treated afterwards and the expire is restored. Findings After isolating and examining it, it turns out that the problem is not with the other mods, nor with Vessel, but with Kerbal. I removed the problematic Kerbal from the save file and the problem went away. In the save file, I found the following description. Perhaps the correct spelling is "trait = Pilot". I'm using the Japanese version of KSP. Indeed, "Pilot" in English is written as "パイロット" in Japanese. But in the save file, all the other normal kerbal are written as "Pilot" in English. By the way, "ジェバダイア・カーマン" is "jebediah Kerman". This doesn't matter if it's written in Japanese. So I checked the save file at the time of the expire. All of the relevant Kerbal had OldTrait described in Japanese in this way. Normal kerbals are described in English as "OldTrait = Pilot". I'm guessing that when expire reverted back to the original, OldTrait, written in Japanese, was transcribed to Trait and caused the problem. I hope this helps with future development. Thanks again!
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