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  1. It seems like I installed everything correctly, I am playing KSP 1.12.2 and GU 1.1 and Kopernicus 1.12.1 release 59, I first tried release 60 but I encountered said problem so I tried to run a different version yet it still happened
  2. I encountered a problem, once I start the game I get that Kopernicus message where it says "Kopernicus was not able to load the custom planetary system due to an exception in the loading process". I also have OPM and that worked with Kopernicus once I got rid of GU, so im fairly certain its something to do with GU. I would appreciate help, thanks.
  3. So I installed this mod and Procedural Parts, and I encountered a problem, the paint will work in the VAB/Hanger however when you launch it disappears
  4. I have a lot of older mods I think a couple from 1.2 and I guess I’m kind of worried that the mods would be broken in 1.10
  5. I have GU but that was happening before I got it I could try updating Kopernicus continued because I think it was the first update by the new person running it so it might be a bug. I’ll do that ASAP and let u know what happens. I checked it out and I am running kopernicus for 1.8.1 while playing on 1.9.1 that could be a issue
  6. Nope never got it to work, even tried messing with the code. In the files I can see that the sun flare is in there but it just won’t load. It’s really weird
  7. Hmm that’s weird because it was one of the first mods I downloaded, I’ll see if that works though
  8. Hello, hate to bother you however I have encountered a minor problem. Valentine does not have any sun flares its just a ball I have AVP. Its not like a major problem however it is kind of annoying, if I could get some help. that would be great, Thanks
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