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  1. tested it out and once i added the drag cube that @benjee10 said to add it would load but when the craft would load onto the runway (thats where i tested it with my build of the ISS) it would spontainisly combust, so quite a bit will have to be done before one can use the SAW without their craft combusting
  2. anyone have a build list for the parts to make the Zvezda module for the ISS? or a craft file?
  3. i got the part to load into the SPH havent loaded the craft onto the runway to test to see what happens
  4. ill check my files when i get home to see if i have the ht2_SAW.mu and ill fiddle with it, last night got to the P6 on the truss structure and i have to say i love the mod absolutely beautiful i just made make shift P6 truss with stock parts not as pleasing but will do for now but i did slap those ginormous solar panels on to it so it does look okay, i would like to try the P6, i did attempt a CANADARM2 with the robotic parts that are used in your shuttle, im gonna finsih the russian side tonight and if i can get the p6 truss on ill let you know but im gonna be lazy and hyperedit the entire th
  5. so i have done some digging and it turns out the part that everyone is reporting that it stops on, there is a reason to that, and it has nothing to do with 1.10 if i understand the file stuctor correctly, you have Xpartname.cfg followed by Xpartname.mu and the part that KSP stops loading at is the Duo solar array which is missing the .mu file but has the .cfg file which is why ksp stops loading, so it apears to be two problems ether A @benjee10 forgot to add the part to the github when he updated it 6 months ago or B he took it down on purpose. I belive it is A so simple fix for those who rea
  6. howd you get the end pieces of the truss where the solor arays attach?
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