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  1. This moon pack me take me longer then expected as I am having some technical difficulties If anyone would help me out ill appreciate that
  2. Sorry i ment how can I make jool moons plus compatible with the 2 mods
  3. I dont know how to make a principia patch and a kerbalism patch.
  4. Yeah that is very true. Maybe I should create five instead?
  5. I recently learnt how to create planets with kopernicus and I decided to begin working on a pack that adds 12 new moons to Jool. What do you think about a Jool moons pack?
  6. How do I add textures to the surface of custom planets that I have made?
  7. @KingKerb You are missing some features in the scaledSpace, you might want recheck the tutorial.
  8. @ffxIt appears that you have mentioned the PQS mod "VertexSimplexHeighAbsolute" three times, that could be the problem.
  9. Does this mod have terrain collider issues like other rescale mods?
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