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  1. Thanks. I'll try clearing stuff out. Used CKAN first, and it didn't work, so then tried manually installing stuff... Had tried installing some other stuff using curseforge first, so maybe that messed it up.
  2. Has anybody run KRASH on 1.12.X? I just got a new laptop, added 000_ClickThroughBlocker, 001_ToolbarControl, and KRASH to the GameData directory, but I'm not seeing the toolbar for launching a simulation with KRASH. Not sure if I botched my install or if there is an issue running on 1.12.X of KSP. Settings for all three plugins are showing up in the game difficulty menu.
  3. Hm... Not a C# expert, but I'll take a look because I'm very interested in simulating stages in isolation. FYI. Discovered as a work around, that setting orbit via the Debug Toolbar doesn't cause any issues. So for now I'm starting the simulation on the pad, and setting orbit via the Debug Toolbar for the rest of the simulation. P.S. Similarly starting with an orbit around the Mun from the simulator and then using the Debug Toolbar to reset the orbit around the Mun also seems to workaround the issue.
  4. First time I've used mods. Using the latest version Simulated a vehicle in orbit around the Mun to simulate a landing test. After time warping to my desired landing approach the vehicle seemed to teleport to another spot in the orbit... Is there a bug with time warp right now? Happy to paste logs if directed to log locations. P.S. Also running latest version of KSP from Steam.
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