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  1. I made a pic to explain this, ( https://ibb.co/JRrD267 ) but if that doesn't work, here's the idea; Surface features and surface samples would appear as physical things in the kerbals inventory. These could the be moved around like any other inventory item, stored into capsules or containers. This would make missions such as "bring back a mun stone" more interesting or intuitive, and it could also be expanded into autonomous surface sample collection and on-site analysation, with lesser and deminishing science rewards.
  2. So, I'm playing in KSP 1.8.1 with 3.5x rescale, and trying to land on the Mun, but the craft just clips through the ground and explodes. this can also happen slightly above the surface. Not even cheats can help. Is this a common issue with sigma dimensions rescale or is this a one in a million event?
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