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  1. Ah beale id had to suggest something this is looking gorgeous btw but any chance of IGLA and KURS getting a touch up?
  2. I was Pointing More Towards the new one made by BDB if you have seen it
  3. Hi Beale Would the APAS-75 Part be coming anytime soon? But these Parts Look Great!
  4. I meant like would they start working on Mir 2 Parts After This
  5. Anyone have tweakscale support for this mod?
  6. Im sorry to bother you but any chance of snacks configs coming to the new BDB Update?
  7. Fuel Pump Just one of the major things i needed for my Space Program Thank you!
  8. Oh Invader Thank you So much i was going to ask for this but i thought it was to much work
  9. Oh yeah The Texture would be Great Thanks!
  10. https://github.com/curtquarquesso/Tantares-TweakScale-Configs
  11. Oh that Suit Switcher Model is Something Iv been looking for a while now so i can do Launch/Land With a ACES And Do a EVA With a EMU Thank you!
  12. Also Any Possibility of the BTS Anolog Plane Being Re-Added?
  13. Well I haven't Looked at this mod in a while and look how great its getting
  14. Will APUS Be getting Some sort of RCS Plumes?
  15. Please do all we need is to see if Pak Accepts it I wish he put a clause in that allowed a inactive To revert to *something* lisence
  16. Thanks for the pics im trying to figure out how the boosters and Stage 2 go
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