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  1. Kochi Industries QD arm [1.9.1-1.12.3] A simple mod that Adds the Ship and booster QD´s You can find me in this server https://discord.gg/gxa7G9fEMh Download You Can Download the mod here Kochi Industries (1.11.2 - 1.12.2) on SpaceDock How to Install: From Spacedock: - Click download and Drop the files in Gamedata Planed Features Both QD´s Revamp Firefly alpha Rocket Known issues Collider on the Arm is weird (But you can use the offset tool to put it in the right place) Required Mods B9 Part Switch Module Manager Recommended Mods KaioShip Kari's Starship Starship Launch Expansion Foss's Mechazila In Game Pics Changelog LICENSE
  2. it wasant a balast they just filled with other equipment like RCS tanks bateries and stuff its quite hard to find pictures of the other apollo CSM´s
  3. Nothing strange on the log no errors and it only happens if you switch the (historic,empty,Universal storage)
  4. idk if its known from the recent alpha that added the SIM bay sometimes in the VAB and in flight the fairing part turns pink but it can be fixed loading the craft again (in the VAB) or F5 and F9 (in flight) probably B9 and SAF having a problem i guess
  5. the curse has been broken we can finaly rest
  6. ye i know i have another problem with the saturn rescale but im testing rn see if its my side but i know its still in alpha (this problems maybe be fixed with the new saturn) and the saturn rescale patch is kinda broken since the new skylab is for default 4.3m wide it doasnt fit with the 5.6 saturn and using the patch to scale it to 6.4 makes skylab go to 5.1 ish i fixed it removing the scale of skylab parts and the IVB adaptor cant fit LM and CSM just making this aware to zorg and cobaltwolf
  7. its scaled for 2.7 JNSQ aka what im using and im saying its too light bc i can send skylab to the moon with that weight
  8. ive tested the new apollo and skylab revamps and i noticed something that skylab is way too light since the apollo stack ingame is around 19 tons and the ingame skylab is 27 tons compared to the 50 tons of the apollo stack irl and 70-90 tons of skylab IRL
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