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  1. Its nothing important its just module manager screaming about more then one pass specifier that i put to ensure no other plume configs get activated with it
  2. Could you post the images on imgur because the images arent loading
  3. Gonna fix that right away on the git also could i see your log so i know what exactly is causing those errors ? its due to the flip flop in development i already asked Adiri to delete the old one since im the one who will maintain the mod for now on
  4. SWE UPDATE 2.4 Changelog: Bug fixes Removed Main plume particles Tweaked plumes SPACEDOCK GITHUB Any bug fixes can be reported via this forum and the github issue function i will hopefully Fix any Problems almost imedeatly
  5. Do you have 0.8X waterfall version
  6. i have narrowed this down to Real plume not working or not being installed correctly im gonna try to minimize Dependencies on 2.2 that is coming SoonTM
  7. hmm im gonna simulate this later see if SWE is incompatible with Stock waterfall
  8. that was an experiment from Lemon to add a burnout effect im gonna remove it next update The separation motor effect is defined by a timecurve im working a new template with lemon
  9. @[email protected]@[email protected] any person who has a problem in SWE Try to delete the current SWE file on ur system and download a new one from spacedock and see if the problems stoped
  10. ye could you post the log and some pictures of the problem
  11. yea waterfall and CD have some weird interactions
  12. yea im fixing the AJ260 vernier plume Also you need to delete the old SWE and put the new one otherwise it breaks
  13. i would suggest getting the latest waterfall version
  14. do you have any Conformal decals on that ship
  15. it was like a double click at the perfect time
  16. yea Spacedock is broki it wont delete my other SWE post
  17. yep those errors are the audio configs not working i will fix them in the future
  18. Im taking a break for like a week bc of some tests but i will try to do some configs on my free time if any of yall wanna check the progress SWE dev thread | Trello (its not much yet bc i was figuring out some issues with MM)
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