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  1. ye i know i have another problem with the saturn rescale but im testing rn see if its my side but i know its still in alpha (this problems maybe be fixed with the new saturn) and the saturn rescale patch is kinda broken since the new skylab is for default 4.3m wide it doasnt fit with the 5.6 saturn and using the patch to scale it to 6.4 makes skylab go to 5.1 ish i fixed it removing the scale of skylab parts and the IVB adaptor cant fit LM and CSM just making this aware to zorg and cobaltwolf
  2. its scaled for 2.7 JNSQ aka what im using and im saying its too light bc i can send skylab to the moon with that weight
  3. ive tested the new apollo and skylab revamps and i noticed something that skylab is way too light since the apollo stack ingame is around 19 tons and the ingame skylab is 27 tons compared to the 50 tons of the apollo stack irl and 70-90 tons of skylab IRL
  4. ok so im using the latest github KSRSS and this is happening to all the planets/moons but earth the 2 black ones are the github on 1 that is working is the gitlab dev version
  5. a a SSME with 3MN of thrust ? the bdb engines are actualy good the f1 have 6.4-7.2 MN of thrust but the stock engines and other ones are way off
  6. an extra fix that u should do is fix the thrust rescale beacuse the engines have almost 2x the right amount of thrust resulting in short burn times and high TWR
  7. Ok I found out why the tank is having a short burn time it's because the rescale configs rescaled the oxidizer but not the LH2 I'm doing some static fires and its always left 2/3 of the oxidizer
  8. GameData: https://imgur.com/ofwMcJ8 (this doasnt have LRTR because it's a backup) as u can see in the game data the mod that I use for the SLS is Redirect who uses a mixture of LH2/oxidizer I'm going to test if deleting the fuel and fuel consumption solves the problem
  9. its like 20 parts spread around 50 mods but this scale problem isnt the main problem the tank and srb thing is the main problem
  10. im having this problem some parts arent scaling up (docking ports,structural parts) and i was testing launching a SLS from ReDirect mod and the main tank / engines have a burn time of only 1:30 minutes upon 6/7 minutes for the stock scale and the SRBS have an insane thrust for a 3600 kn srb its scaling up to 33000 kn
  11. Found the problem something with the stock inventory thing beacuse i updated from 1.9.1 to 1.11.1 and the problems are gone
  12. Having the same problem im on 1.9.1 no mods (besides sock) and dependencys a fresh install all the parts bellow have ( no hud, variant problem)
  13. ok so im using the canadarm2 for the iss but the VEE isnt lining up with the target port any suggestion ? image: https://imgur.com/a/BRCJ41R
  14. Ok so I found the origin of the bug if you play with the render quality in 1/8 (minimal) the black faring appear but if you step up to 1/4 (low) the fairings are ok
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