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  1. Yes, Jeb was the real loss here. I was still somewhat early on in my first career attempt. I feel like starting over.
  2. I forgot to do a save before starting a re-entry procedure from my very first manned Mun mission. Thought I would be ok using my last stage as an aerobrake, it flipped on its side and all was gone within 2 to 3 seconds. I’m gonna miss Jeb and Bill.
  3. Thanks for the tip on the Advanced Tweakable option, I’ll have to check that. Yes Autostruts seem to be a good thing to have for I have been noticing my longer rockets being quite wobbly on the pad and after lift off. Seems to stop once I’m in the upper atmosphere though.
  4. Other than a reentry mishap in career mode, it had to be in sandbox mode in a make up of the SR-71 (the KR-71) that both Bob and Jeb went head first into the hangar during a failed landing attempt.
  5. Just started playing this game for about a month. I have the tech tree about a quarter the way finished. Upgraded my rocket assembly building, launch pad and the astronaut complex so far. Completed a few contracts as well. Its tough in the very beginning, but as you start rolling along it gets more interesting. I really like how you are free to play the game as you want to, not really just one way to play.
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