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  1. Hello! Im planning to install the latest version of parallax on 1.11.1 (its compatible) and my GPU is a MX250. Im kinda nervous and can you suggest on ways how i can improve my fps because i know its gonna L A G.
  2. My problem is that the ground texture is gone but the collider isn't, my version in 1.8.1.
  3. Do you have collider addon for other grounds than the runway? Add kopernicus planet system modifier, it also happend to me cause i forgot
  4. I also said there is already a Earthheight.dds on the RSS-Texture
  5. My very first flight was a bust. I didn't know how to add thrust to my plane, how stupid of me.
  6. I never did the tech tree, i just started putting mods in my game, then worked. Got so crazy that i installed over 20 mods, but deleted some of it, three were left.
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