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  1. Chapter 5 The Speech --------------- Shortly after the launch of Verne 4, Joseph Franklin Kerman, newly elected president of Kerlin, was scheduled to give a speech on the grounds of Karvard Science center, this is what it said.
  2. hello everyone, sorry for my long hiatus, me and my family had to move houses, i will soon start uploading more chapters
  3. random photos that i had these were both put near the mun with cheats
  4. yes i had that on to reach space because with regular fuel it couldnt reach space
  5. I'm having a weird bug where whenever I launch blue steel it keeps on accelerating even when the engine is off which makes it impossible to land
  6. My vostok with an orbital module is this cursed
  7. -Chapter 4- Following Suit June 3rd, 1941 Verne 3 would be the first mission to orbit Kerbin Desnad would be the one flying this historic mission Even though he didn't look scared, oh boy was he. Control: "X-minus 5 minutes, clear the firing area, clear the firing area." Desnad began trembling, he could think of a million things that could go wrong. Control: "X-minus 1 minute." Control: "X minus 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Fire command, FIRE COMMAND! The engines roared Desnad: "AA
  8. -Chapter 3.5- April 12, 1941 Intern: "GENE!" Gene: "What is it?" Intern: "Sorry to break it to you but back on the 7th the commies launched someone into orbit." Gene: *Spitting out coffee* "Then tell Wherner we're gonna follow suit." Intern: "Okay sir, i'll-" Gene: "AND GET ME MORE COFFEE!" And so...
  9. when i first discovered the cheat menu i put a station in orbit and then i also put a crew vehicle with the jeb bill and bob into orbit right next to it i couldnt dock so i had to return..... and thats when i realized: i didn't have chutes so i made them all jump from the capsule and i deployed all of their personal chutes and for some reason only bob lived R.I.P. in peace jeb and bill
  10. im having an issue with the plumes of the SSMEs and the shuttle srbs the SSMEs display the wrong plume and the srbs have no plumes
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