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  1. Contract configurator currently has no way to determine the use of the fix part action, however you could spawn a vessel that is missing a key part and then use a part validation parameter to check for the existence of of the key part. Then have your engineer rendezvous with the vessel, attach the missing part using EVA Construction or KIS/KAS and then swirtch to the now repaired vessel so the validation will trigger to complete the contract.
  2. Not sure what to advise. The contract pack was written for JNSQ 0.9.0 on KSP 1.8.1. At that time JNSQ_KK_Fixes.zip was required. I have no idea what the new versions on the mod have changed. I would follow up with the JNSQ support thread or Discord site.
  3. That's a weird KK issue. Best try to reinstall the KK statics for YG from the JNSQ install archive. The directory is \GameData\JNSQ\JNSQ_Configs\KK\YGagarin
  4. These are Contract Configurator errors. It often loses track of vessels. There is a particular bug in CC that when generating waypoints it can sometime put them in the wrong location. Check for contract offered waypoints in the tracking station display and see it the terminal waypoint is at a completely different location from where it should be. In these cases I advise using the ALT-F12 menu to manually complete these contracts otherwise you need to edit very complex things in the persistent.sfs file to correct it.
  5. This is typically caused by an issue with Nvidia In-Game Overlay which uses “Alt + F10” to save the last 5 minutes of the game as a video. You can change the Nvidia setting, I use ALT-CTR-F10. There should be a file copy of the output under GameData/ContractConfigurator/logs. The parameter definitions are correct for standard Contract Configurator however, something you have installed has modified the radios so that the types and power settings are no longer recognized and the exceptions are thrown. You have the following options available to you to fix it. Hunt down the cause of your radio setting s being changes and fix that. Stop using OWR contracts Edit the OWR Contract files and change all instances of this PARAMETER { name = HasAntenna type = HasAntenna antennaType = TRANSMIT minAntennaPower = 100.0 } to this PARAMETER { name = HasAntenna type = HasAntenna } From what I can see the contracts don't force you to transmit data to complete them so checking that you "can" is not necessarily required. The change just makes sure you have an antenna onboard. The third option is probably the quickest way to stop the errors and continue using the contract pack in a modified form. The Monolith contract is borked. Best to just delete it.
  6. You should post the contract.cfg file that is causing the error to check that syntax is proper. Also you should tun on contract debugging. See the file ContractConfigurator.cfg.default in GameData/ContractConfiguator folder for instructions to enable debug logging. It doesn't seem to like a number of the "OWR" contracts that fail on similar parsing errors [ERR 02:49:36.050] ContractConfigurator.RemoteTech.HasAntennaFactory: CONTRACT_TYPE 'OWR_GalacticCandy', PARAMETER 'HasAntenna' of type 'HasAntenna': Error parsing antennaType [EXC 02:49:36.052] ArgumentException: Requested value 'TRANSMIT' was not found. Could be a possible CC conflict with Remotetech.
  7. I haven't bought KSP2 as yet because as a general rule I tend to get games years after they are first released (as either Early Access or Full release). I just prefer my games "burned in". My more specific rational is that it doesn't have the features that are my main focus in KSP1, namely the creation of sites/bases and the ability to make a contract/mission to make use of those sites. This is the mechanic I like the most and KSP2 is not yet there.
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