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  1. This arrives back at the starting position. The missing brace was an edit error on my part when converting from the old version of NAVutils. However each runway with valid braces loads correctly. My goal was to try and load all runways in a logical order, but as you say, no Final on inserts. Originally all the runways loaded in correct order because the original GAP runways loaded prior to the GAP Extras. Since moving the GAP runways into the NAVInstruments mod itself then load after GAP Extras load. Perhaps I'm just overthinking it because NAVInstruments does only list runways withing 100 kms when making manual changes, whereas in the old version you had to cycle through all the runways. Pull accepted. I'll playtest it this way for a bit and see how it goes with the instrumentation use to select the runways from the local availability Thanks for looking into this.
  2. Back to the Mun... This time we do the orbit thingy
  3. Banned due to seasonal variations
  4. Tried writing it as a patch, and MM does not seem to like my attempts. If your MM-fu is better, please take a stab at it. The only requirement is that it should load as the FINAL otherwise the runway order in the mod GUI get's screwed up with the less used airstrips listing before the runways.
  5. Side note. New version of Kerbin Side Remastered Gap Extras available on SpaceDock Version v1.0.4 for Kerbal Space Program 1.12.3 Released on 2022-08-18 Changed water universal spawn points for Kerbin Side Remastered Naval Air Station sites from visible to invisible Added Nav Utilities support files in the Patches Directory. Installation notes are in the comments of each file AirstripNavUtilRunways.txt is for the older Nav Utilities Continued mod KerbinsideRemastered2.txt is for the newer Nav Utilities Updated mod (NAVInstruments)
  6. He may well be, yet alas it is I. @Curveball Anders
  7. This is how sky net starts. The AI leans by messing up an innocent video game and ultimately... killer robots crushing skulls under their feet. I feel your pain. I have been its victim as well.
  8. The real question is... If you do it enough times can you achieve orbit?
  9. Issue 54 Jeb's Junkyard Cargo flights has been moved to another project.
  10. @obnox twin If you install the Sunkworks mod from https://github.com/Angel-125/SunkWorks/releases It has a module called WBISuitSwitcher that is designed to allow you to use the suit picker functionality from certain crewed parts. It was made to allow kerbals to switch into one of the diving suits to explore Kerbin's oceans. If you then make this patch... @PART[*]:HAS[@INTERNAL[*]:HAS[!MODULE[WBISuitSwitcher]]]:FINAL { MODULE { name = WBISuitSwitcher } } You have the capability to switch suits in any crewed part wherever they may be. Food for thought.
  11. It is indeed Kramax Autopilot, The ADF is NavUtilities Updated The GPS map is curtesy of SCANsat ( you need to complete either the Lo or Hi RES visual scan of Kerbin to have map data. Then I just lock it on my current aircraft with auto refresh turned on at the magnification level I want. Running behind the scenes is AtmosphereAutopilot (Fly-By-Wire) for general flight stabilization when the Kramax features are turned off. Also Kerbal Engineer Redux is a must . The DeltaV Current gives me my remaining flight time on current fuel levels.
  12. Flying with instruments... I like to see all the data.
  13. Back in my day vampires didn't need a Vampire Academy. A vampire bit you... you were a vampire. End of story.
  14. Version v2.1.1 for Kerbal Space Program 1.12.3 Released on 2022-08-17 Bug Fixes Issue 57 patch for Strategia support - fixed Changes Mostly Quality of Life stuff Issue 52 - reward funds are now based on the Group variable rewardBaseValue If you alter this in the groups.cfg file it will adjust rewards across all contracts offered. Airports have an individual popularity rank that influences rewards payouts Issue 53 - Layout of all flight contracts standardized. Air terminals are now named for their individual airports, a mission complete dialog has been added to airline flights Issue 55 - Large flights of up to 80 passengers have been altered to require that the aircraft be made of large parts (mk3) instead. The passenger count has been reduced to 16. This should save a log of FPS on the PC. Issue 56 - If you use USI Kolonization Systems (MKS/OKS), then on missions requiring specialized roles for passengers, some of these seats can alternatively be crewed by MKS kolonists. (ie. medics, geologists, etc. ). Now available on SpaceDock After 3031 downloads of the last version a few fixes were in order
  15. Thanks for pointing this out. Issue 57 has been raised and your fix has been added to the patch . It will be available in the next release.
  16. Issue 52 moved from In Progress to For Release Rewards Calculated as (the base reward value + the distance of the flight + a fee per passenger) * the value of the destination site * a random 0 - 15% addition. NOTE: prestige multipliers also take affect A site's value is a ranking of how popular a business/tourist destination it is and a multiplier is applied to the reward reflecting the demand for travel there. Type 1 flights have Trivial prestige. Type 2 flights have Significant prestige. Type 3 flights have Exceptional prestige. Multi-flight missions give double the normal rewards Sites that are further away provide more income than closer sites The optimum flight is to a popular location that is very distance with the maximum number of passengers and Significant or Exceptional prestige. Issue 55 Fix type 3 flights moved from To-do to In Progress The FPS loss flying 80 Kerbals around in a large aircraft is game breaking on some computers.
  17. Personally, I like the way I wrote it. It takes into account the distance flown, the number of passengers and little random voodoo. If you're looking to change contract rewards en masse there is a mod for it. It's a little dusty but it might do the trick for you.
  18. Sent a lonely little probe on a one way trip Mun fly-by and then into the void... I'm a monster.
  19. On approach to Baikurbanur Launch Site. Flying in some corporate types to get regular air service here.
  20. It's still in alpha phase of development, and the author is working on other projects with higher priority. So I suspect not. Still, in it's current form it is one of my favourite mods for building subs doing diving missions.
  21. Issue 53 - Moved from In Progress to For Release Changes made to contracts offered by Trans Kerbin Airlines A dialog box has been added to the mission completion phase. After this dialog the vessel can be recovered. (don't have to look up in the contract window to see if the timers have finished anymore) The mission steps and parameters have been standardized into a specific order for all flights. All flights now make use of the Airport terminals. The Landing Rights flights are now brought into line with all other flight contracts Air Terminal waypoints are now named after the airport they belong to rather than just "the Air Terminal Issue 52 moved from ToDo to In Progress Working on revamping the mission rewards for flights.
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