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  1. You mean minor planets? Not sure of I have the latest version of kopernicus, can' t check right now, but in the version I use minor planets works.
  2. I'd say it's because the asteroid doesn't have the resource(s) you're tryning to mine. Think you have to do a surface scan first.
  3. An OPM extension on the final frontier mod, which gives your Kerbals ribbons for achievements, such as first time landing on a planet. I like it
  4. What I think @Starhelperdude (also) meant, is that when you are teleported, are you teleported near/next to the destination gate? If he didn't also mean that, it's something I wonder
  5. reading this makes me think: yes it will be.
  6. Yeah I get that, but in the end, what you do (plan node, extend node, wait, burn, ...) is the same, no? This I don't really agree with, unless you use a gravity assist. Anyway, I don't want to steal the thread. My transfers work out just fine, it was just something I wondered, reading all these good answers
  7. Before I ask my question, I want to stress that I'm not pointing my finger at anyone, it's a genuine question, not trying to mock or anything. Why is an interplanetary transfer so different from a Kerbin - Mun transfer? For me, they're kind of the same, the only difference is with a Mun transfer you don't have to wait for a window. You target your location, you put a maneuver node on a specific point in your orbit (that a mod like transfer window planner can show you, or a website like https://ksp.olex.biz/) and match its time of execution with the transfer window, you extend prograde unt
  8. TIL you're the BAK guy! I've downloaded and used several of your craft!
  9. It's a good thing pictures of the sand castle exist, because I thought (think?) it was (is?) just a big inside joke
  10. Pbc in itself doesn't do anything with contracts, so the problem is probably caused by the contract pack, or something else. Are you sure you've met al the requirements for the contract?
  11. Looks very cool, congrats. It says ksp 1.11 min. Does that mean it won't work on, let's say, 1.10.1, or that it's not supported?
  12. [snip] Also, misread your post, thought you were looking for the latest version.
  13. Just fyi, there is a stable branch too, in a separate topic.
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