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  1. yeah I didn't realise the DLC was already released, thought it would be another week Everyone going crazy now about broken mods haha "It's been multiple hours and you haven't fixed it this is unnaceptable!" lol I'll definitely check it out. I'm also excited about the new content creator packs!
  2. I don't know if the murals will be an integral part of new buildings or not, but if it's something you have to 'put on' or paint on a building I don't see myself using it. Unnecessary eyecandy in my book I still enjoy the game, I'm even having a little KSP break to play. I'm playing the archipelago map (came with natural disasters) to kinda prevent myself from rebuilding the same city. I think the functionalities that come with P&P should have been in the game years ago, instead of other DLCs, so looking forward to it.
  3. Ah yes, the 'get of the internet I want to use the phone' days. No internet at school.
  4. Cities:skylines probably. I'd be divorced and fired and not even notice it.
  5. Looking at the github issues I see the problem also happens in the Japanese version. I guess a proper localization file for German is needed?
  6. (I think this belongs in the Konstruction thread) I've been using the Konstructor for a long time on a vessel without any crew at all. It works fine (do have some issues where the game gets sort of stuck when I Konstruct ships with certain parts, but that's another issue). I have the latest version. Maybe it's because I've been using it since earlier versions, I don't know.
  7. The tundra assembly plant also makes MK. But I see you are a person of culture and want to go WOLF, so forget about workshops and such. No video AFAIK but I would definitely check out this and remember: use the planner in the vab, you must.
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