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  1. Which part(s)? What do you mean 'can't execute? Pics? Video? AFAIK the mpl doesn't get removed. Also, there's plenty of other labs in this mod
  2. Humble request: the option to make a manual alarm repeatable. (Besides the already asked science and closest approach options) Liking this little mod very much
  3. Listen to your heart man, you're the boss
  4. So is there any difference between this release (in its default setting) and release 60?
  5. @R-T-Bshall we prepare the old Bleeding Edge thread for your arrival, sir?
  6. edit: sorry thought you were talking about KSP 1.
  7. Ooh, so her release will be the old mpe (without your new stuff) with some small fixes? I did not get that
  8. Ofcourse, it's not my business. It's just a bit sad to see this mod picked up and abandoned again so soon. What a wild ride it was I like what you did with it and it runs quite stable, so it will be fine I guess. So thanks!
  9. Wow, that's...unexpected, seeing how frequently you were updating. May I ask what the issue was? So Exo will be back? She hasn't logged in for months?
  10. and seeing him doing what we all did when we started
  11. Well, I think you should at least provide a log file and mod list for the smart people here. Also, the latest version of all USI mods is bundled here (don't get scared by the words 'unstable' and 'bleeding edge' ) or, just for Konstruction here (but personally I'd use the first one and delete the mods you don't want)
  12. MKS is awesome, but beware of the rabbithole you're stepping into. It's a whole new game. If you don't want something that's 'too hard' I wouldn't use it. Are you sure you can't just deploy the centrifuges? Not really sure, I use MKS I just thought it was a funny claim (probably just in my head), because you are new and no one else has complained, meant no disrespect.
  13. yeah literal translations are funny. In my language you'd say it's English with hair on
  14. Like I said I'm not trying to prove you wrong or argue with you. I'm not even asking for a patch. Was just pointing out something by quoting the mods author (who, imho, isn't just 'people' and very much better placed to comment on this), that's all.
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