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  1. And yet all these other people have no problem at all installing it Maybe a screenshot of your gamedata folder would help. Maybe you have a gamedata folder inside gamedata? Did you install all the dependencies?
  2. That was, indeed, a long post. Fortunately it was interesting!
  3. Welcome in MKS wonderland! This question has been asked a few times on the last few pages, you might wanna check those. And as said, the wiki.
  4. Agreed, but unless you use physics loader extender (or whatever it's called), that's gonna be hard I think. But I really like this idea!
  5. Do you mean visible from the physics loading distance?
  6. Search for r-t-b 's stable branch. (On mobile right now so a bit limited in my linking abilities)
  7. You don't want to know how many times stuff like that happens to me so just thought I'd ask
  8. No, it's a preview for the upcoming 1.12.
  9. It's not out, it's a preview
  10. The most obvious question is: do you have a container for matkits?
  11. It's definitely not with all the bodies. Yesterday I landed on (or rather, pushed myself against) Geito, everything went fine. So yeah the patch would be welcome but it's not like it's unplayable.
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