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  1. Don't have the game open right now, but I don't think I do. I use the other one, the transport computer (think that's what it's called). You do need to correct a typo somewhere in order to use it, look 2 pages back.
  2. This whole dev diary was just a lenghty intro to tell us this news!
  3. Yeah it's there, even without any created crew routes. Really weird. Glad to help, just wish I could give you a solution.
  4. the one in the latest pre-release (112.0.0), in the previous prerelease (the one from march) it also worked.
  5. sure, you don't have this in your toolbar? edit: the button opens this
  6. @RookFettIs the crew transfer button (the plane thing) on the toolbar working? Or is that what you mean by 'the PAW menu for crew transfer'? Just trying to understand your problem.
  7. So I just checked really quickly. I am in low orbit around Ervo, and I can get low orbit science from DMagic's experiments, like the telescope, magnetometer, micro goo, radio and plasma wave, ... Weird. haven't really checked biomespecific science though...
  8. Ithink it kinda works with DMagic orbital science? I have -on Exo's version- a probe around Ervo loaded with al kinds experiments, stock and DM, and I think they all work. Will have to doublecheck that.
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