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  1. Can confirm. My workaround was choosing another camera and zoom in, can't remember which
  2. Just wanted to say this is still an issue after the patch
  3. Downloaded patch, build small mun craft, launch button in VAB did ...nothing. Back to main menu and reload, then had, by far, the smoothest and most fun experience in KSP2 since launch. Still some lumpies and bumpies, but imo it's already so so much better.
  4. Only did one simple mun mission, but it seemed to be a lot smoother. And the clouds look much better! I9 -12900k, rtx 3080ti, 64g ram.
  5. 3! Sometimes it shakes hard, sometimes a little, sometimes not. Who knows
  6. fed the Kraken. The leftovers landed on Duna.
  7. Yeah imma just gonna add this last (?) Click
  8. Ooooh nooooo I have to go to a meeting but I don't want to be outclicked! CLICK
  9. Yes, you run, run, while I just keep on Clicking!
  10. Click Click Click! Even newer cliiiiiiiick
  11. Sure, but this click, this click right here, is really really new!
  12. Not than this new click!
  13. My click is newer than yours
  14. Yes but this is an even newer click!
  15. I like it, but it's not always responsive, in my experience. Sometimes I have to click a part multiple times for the part manager to show up, and when it works, sometimes it's a different part. But overall, good job!
  16. Yes but is this in a clickable state to click?
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