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  1. (I think this belongs in the Konstruction thread) I've been using the Konstructor for a long time on a vessel without any crew at all. It works fine (do have some issues where the game gets sort of stuck when I Konstruct ships with certain parts, but that's another issue). I have the latest version. Maybe it's because I've been using it since earlier versions, I don't know.
  2. The tundra assembly plant also makes MK. But I see you are a person of culture and want to go WOLF, so forget about workshops and such. No video AFAIK but I would definitely check out this and remember: use the planner in the vab, you must.
  3. Do you have MKS installed? So you're saying that on a ship with a centrifuge that has 3 kerbals, the centrifuge won't deploy? That is indeed odd. Do you have a screenshot?
  4. Just out of curiosity, can you make the parts with the Konstructor? (You'll have to make a ship with just that part)
  5. There's a fix for this here (Also, I think the reason for the container being cheap in the VAB is because it's empty in your screenshot)
  6. That's correct. It's just that lithium isn't in WOLF so you have to mine and process it. Man I've been playing with all these mods (USI, NF, SSPXr, Planetside exploration,...) together for so long I can't remember what changes what and what is stock and what not
  7. AFAIK it doesn't. Yeah that's right. My orbital gasstation makes everything via WOLF, except Lithium (and Methane? Not really sure, don't have the game open right now). But for me, that's not really a problem, I have a cargoship bringing Lithium from Minmus. With some patch magic, you can adjust the extractors so they can handle lithium ofcourse, I guess.
  8. Hey @Feellikeapple Like I said in the Konstruction thread: it's not that Konstruction can't function without MKS, I'm just nog sure how exactly. @RoverDude? And I'm sure someone else will confirm that MKS and NF+SSPXr play nice together. SSPXr has patches for USI (LS and MKS), so they will behave like MKS parts.
  9. Since when do you play KSP with your knees? Totally kidding ofcourse, get well soon!
  10. Ok then thought maybe it was something like the staging being wrong. But without screenshots is kinda difficult to say what might be the issue. Good luck!
  11. I meant screenshots of the not working craft
  12. Upload to Imgur. Insert link to Imgur here. Or copy images from Imgur here.
  13. I don't have dang it but I don't think it would conflict with MKS. In MKS parts don't just break or anything like that.
  14. Don't worry about cluttering, I have all those mods you name, and many more You should know that MKS is first and foremost a gameplay mod, not so much a parts mod like Near Future is. It has parts but those are to support the gameplay. For now, I'd just install the latest release of Konstruction with everything that's bundled. That way you make sure you have the right containers for everything. We'll also ask @RoverDudehow you handle resources in Konstruction without MKS. Do you just buy them in the VAB? And if you want to make the big plunge into MKS, you can always ask for help in the MKS thread!
  15. Hmm. Am I right in assuming Konstruction is the only USI mod you have installed? When you look at the lastest release, you'll see that it is bundled with other stuff; dependend other mods (000_USI Tools, CCK, CRP, Firespitter==> you need those) but also other USI mods (Akita, FX, Kontainers, ReactorPack, USICore). I'd advise installing all of those. You can leave out Akita if you want, although it provides cool rover parts. For the resources: I have never played Konstruction without MKS, so I'm not really sure how to go about it. You are ofcourse very welcome to join us in the wondrous world that is Modular Kolonization System
  16. I hope you finish it. I found the first part really helpful, even if it's not entirely the way I play right now. When I first started with WOLF it helped me get to know the mechanics. And besides, the "go big" approach isn't "wrong" or anything.
  17. I have heard you oh dude of the rovers, and can totally confirm that many small WOLFs can run a pretty big network. Keyword is network and indeed not one big base that does everything. For me that was a real mindswitch.
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