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  1. Vector engine because it has high Gimbal and high TWR. Starship is very difficult to build accurately (not because building is hard but landing is almost impossible. Even Vector engines don't have enough Gimbal to flip it around and it always likes to dip nose first. i can build starship accurately but not fly it accurately. Super heavy would be good with Vector and Engine pylons for landing legs.
  2. Good choice. Here we have Forum Games, KSP topics, KSP2 topics, Help desks for PC, Consoles, Forums and everything in between. Enjoy your Stay! That'll be $49.99
  3. I think Val and Jeb r in love with each other I highly doubt she's jealous or are you?
  4. why is this even in KSP2 Section? @Vanamonde @Geonovast Someone plz put this in Forum lounge.
  5. Eh... good idea EXCEPT for one problem.. how do we accurately calculate Delta V and thrust from the solar sails accurately when its tiny photons hitting these sails not Hypersonic thrust plumes. Also, Solar Sails is still a technology that hasn't really proven itself and is hard to scale accurately because it involves a lot and I MEAN a lot of theorem. So although i am for solar sails, i am not for the complexity for these sails. Also, this isn't real life its a video game and needs to be both Expert and Noob friendly not just one side of the story. another thing is how do we accurately measur
  6. Since when did Britian have a space program? for all i know, britian had one orbital rocket, launched it once, and never used it again. and now they rely on other countries rockets... that's not a space program. that's a hitchhiking program.
  7. 6 Duty! @Vanamonde get over here... I can smell the Yoda in you...
  8. Sir Yes Sir. DAFATRONALDO2007 IN SPACE REPORTIN' 4 DUTY... @Mikenike the kraken summons you...
  9. Instructions/ Recipe for Saturatable Reaction wheels: Get (1) Reaction wheel Pour it in pan. Add (300mg) of salt add half a liter of water Stir on high heat for 10 minutes then add Kraft Mac&cheese powder Stir for another 5 minutes then bring it onto bowl. Cool for 5 minutes Serve either plain or with herbs or spices. Enjoy!
  10. Yo @Dirkidirk where u at? Ya woke me up at 9Am. im sleepy bear and now me mad. me eat u... om nom nom nom... mmmm.... yummy dirkidirk a la mode...
  11. Its good graphics like these are the reason why i smash my head against bricks everyday on why i should've bought KSP on a gaming PC and not a PS4. #SadKSPConsolePlayer Big Chungus
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