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  1. Congratulations to those who won and thank you to those who put content into these topics so there will always be something interesting to look at. better luck next time man
  2. i think they are getting ready for the major kickoff of mass development so hopefully the game can launch by 2022 (or 2023 2nd quarter at my worst prediction) . the only fear that i have is that they still haven't figured out the multiplayer mechanics for KSP2 and the haven't gotten in KSP2 beta (that we know, of course). all we gotta do is grab a Caprisun (TM) and turn up time warp. im not trying to say anything hard but i think that's a bit of a pessimistic comment... its steams fault. blame them! not the devs
  3. Wow Congrats! i can't wait to see all the amazing things you'll bring in for KSP2! Nice Job! aim near* the stars (dont burn up in them)
  4. im pretty sure they might be a photosynthesis and possibly a hybrid of a carnivore. not sure sus
  5. the emojis that i put dont make any sense to what i was saying lol
  6. lmao that's funny i got dumpstered twice in my history too.
  7. 2/10 i've seen you maybe less than 10 times. btw whoever rates me, lemme just say i used to post like 20 times a day but not anymore really
  8. Well, technically in regular KSP, Minmus was made of ice but now the new standard is that Minmus is now made out of glass (at least in KSP2 it is) as its literally impossible for minmus to be completely made of ice at such close range to Kerbol (the sun). And i don't think Minmus ever had an atmosphere because im pretty sure there is no magnetic field around Minmus to protect its atmosphere from being blasted away but maybe im wrong.? how come every single moderator has 100 times more reputation points than me... i wonder if theres people that spam like everything...
  9. so micro transactions are like stuff that you can buy for to give you an advantage or better style in game? thank god they aren't including that. plz dont pay attention to what i just put in
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