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  1. Agreed and approved By DAFATRONALDO2007 IN SPACETM *TM means its mine and mine only not for public use MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHA JK but dont copy my Username plz. Infinite?! Seriously? Do you know how many times i add Big-S 1 and 2 elevons to my SSTO's and they produce so much lift at 1400 M/S that even a slight poke at the controls completely rips the wings off. rocket parts i understand but airplane parts can tear off easily, especially wings.
  2. OMG! that is SO BEAUTIFUL! Good Lord imagine if KSP2 had those nebulas. That would be Badass times 10 and look so cool. My goodness, IM OUT OF BREATH LOL. Nice picture btw. i can see why you like it so much and this should definitely be in the game.
  3. Idk lol i think the Kraken is "Among us". Get it? its out to get us and its in space like the "Among us" game and it likes to destroy Spacecraft. ok ill stop.
  4. What??? that large remote guidance unit is pretty good for space station Modules for when you cant attach command modules or don't want to put one and yeah its very heavy but its a compromise. Its like saying the R.A.P.I.E.R engine Is totally useless because its the least efficient jet engine of all yet it is a hybrid engine? to me think the MOST useless is the Drain valve.
  5. And toys that you can use against dumb people who think they know things but really dont. KSP is a Powerful tool. So use it WISELY... JK... use KSP as much as you want
  6. Hello All! This months essential thought is: What is the greatest gift of all? How does Christmas affect you and what is a Christmas Story you'd want to share. this thread is about Christmas spirit and Christmas Kerballing. My story to share is One time when i was in my house with my mom and dad we decided to watch "The Polar Express" and we had an amazing time and we sat by the Fire with hot Chocolate And some beautiful smores we had! We made a christmas gingerbread house and then we ATE it! and finally, i went back to my room at 11:30 AM December 24th 2019 and played Kerbal Space Program! I tried to do something i never tried before! Land on TYLO and back. Then i heard some bells ringing but couldn't find the source of the sound so i continued to play. then SOMETHING MAGICAL HAPPENED! i landed ON TYLO and 45 Minutes later... I LANDED BACK ON KERBIN with 3 kerbals!!! It was a wonderful moment for me and i believe it was because of my Christmas spirit why i took a leap of faith and tried this daring mission! and Succeeded! To everyone who is reading i wish you a "Merry little Christmas and a wonderful New Years"!
  7. HOLY GOODNESS! that is Extremely Amazing! I never knew that was even possible!!! that looks like kerbal physics to me which makes me wonder... ARE KERBALS REAL???? That is kraken PHYSICS right there! not russian physics... lol im getting ahead of myself
  8. I'm definitely not one of those people . i really believe that 2022 will be the final delay and 2023 delay will not happen. so to me, i think i have good news for once. ya know, We have amazing and passionate developers and i feel really bad for those video games who have bad developers and forums. thank goodness for KSP!
  9. Dang sorry to hear that... YES I AM LEGEND *thanks for the Compliment but ive been away for 3 weeks so i kinda lost that title. also my forums right now on page three. Im starting to wonder if There will be a black hole or not. I REALLY WANNA KNOW It is Possible. If you have the two DLC's you have access to special size 4 parts which can take you REALLY FAR. I mean, the size 3 parts are already EXCESSIVE and size 4 is extra ludicrous. However, i still think there will be a Size 5 part or parts in KSP2. If KSP2 were to implement black holes and neutron stars they would be ABSOLUTE GAMECHANGERS! and you 'll be able to do many things beyond your imagination such as wild gravity assists, Killing more kerbals on "accident" which i never do, and collect MORE SCIENCE!!! Also, its not impossible to make A mothership visiting everywhere in the solar system but its QUITE DIFFICULT and EXTREMELY TIME CONSUMING! so yeah, still waiting for KSP2 so it can be made a lot easier.
  10. Great Update! This looks like an amazing update! However, this is probably gonna cause a lot of problems for the minimalistic challenges in KSP unless we have to say "NO WELDING PEOPLE". Also, the Sun visor looks Badass and so cool. Im trying to keep up with Danny 2462 and see if he publishes any videos of KSP 1.11. They're gonna be hilarious. idk why but i like it when Danny just finds a way to break the game with every update. Anyways, i like the welding stuff but is there a maximum size of part welding? and can we only construct a certain amount of things. I would like to make an ION powered probe next to my Neptune II Duna Variant Rocket. Once again, GREAT JOB TO THE DEVS of KSP (and KSP2 of course). Jeez... i need to (pant pant) find a better way to say thank you (pant pant) to the devs without writing... so... darn... much... Also, what on Kerbin is "the bizarre Dzhanibekov Effect"???? OR IS IT.... MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHHA.... Just kidding it is free.
  11. Ya know, something i noticed that's kind of Bipolar in this forum is the behavior of the forum members. For example: KSP2 get delayed to 2022 But then Half the forum likes the post*? Does that make any sense? Its almost like people want the game to get delayed XD... I wonder how kerbals would react? Please Note: "Half the Forum" is an exaggeration used to emphasize what im trying to say so dont start attacking me now XD!
  12. Just keep truckin' or Jebbin' lol Also what does "Killing me smalls" mean? Is the same as "Slaughter thy biggies"? I dont get it lol but nice forum
  13. 1. Im not complaining i was actually joking and although im not gay or anything, its his characters he does whatever he wants, so i dont mind. 2. I have yet to kill a kerbal or strand one. I ain't no cheap NASA, we go all the way for our kerbals and my death rate for kerbals (sandbox mode) still stands at zero. Now i dont know if you KILL kerbals but i dont. 3. Jeb is a badass and needs a badass like Valentina! Answer: Nothing
  14. Really? im sorry if im mocking you. i didn't mean it or remembered it and besides its not like there is any TM on it either so its free for public use.
  15. Holy Kerbal goodness... i go away from the forum for 2 weeks and there is SO much kerbal to READ. Didn't think the forum explode like this lol.
  16. 10 FPS. your being too generous. i cant even have a 300 part space station without the framerate dipping below 5FPS in console
  17. I was attempting on another romantic voyage to laythe with jeb and val (the romantic voyage was for them to kiss) and we made it safely... yay! but then mission control came with terrible news... they sent an attachment to us of bad news, and let me tell you... IT... WAS... BAD... Val started crying and Jedediah had to calm her down. soon he was crying too. Valentina and jebediah were so in love that when one cried, the other cried too. THE END! But a great landing is one where you can use the vessel again. ok ill stop
  18. Y'all better remeber that this is my artwork and its copyrighted (no its not). lol me and my copyrights
  19. There should be a vote for "Yes, but the Kraken's not gonna let it happen".
  20. I feel like the KSP community should make a dank meme on the metallic hydrogen topics. if you ask me, these topics are spontaneous and there are WAY too many. The Kraken is crying with encoded tears...
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