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  1. are there any logos for the ghidorah heavy? cuz i cant seem to find them on the fuel tank variations
  2. I know what the soft capture ring is for, just don't know what its for in ksp but still thanks is raster prop monitor needed for those displays?
  3. im having problem when the base boss just doesnt show up i think i install all the dependencies and it's still not working. but the inflight boss is working and how do i create and move bases?
  4. Can anyone create a mod that follows the original planned Easter egg story by nova silisko? I read about it a couple months back and now I think it’s doable, so can anyone do it?
  5. I also have this problem, for me I was doing an easy mün mission and when I was docking with my command module after returning from the surface, the mk3 command pod's rcs thrusters seem to be on, but not draining any monopropellant, so I continued the mission thinking its a graphics bug, then I realized I can't quick save, so I just continued to mission, and when I splashed down on kerbin, I realized I can't even recover vessel or go back to the space center, I did a couple more missions without the mk3 command pod and quick saving and recovering works just fine. so there must be some sort of
  6. no, I put the stuff in the game data folder to the game data folder, don't worry now, I just uninstalled some of the mods and it works now
  7. uh, I still can't, I just put the whole thing in tundra, including the game data folder, dependencies folder, ships folder and extras folder
  8. no errors, the parts just don't load, and yes, I put the whole thing into the game data folder, I just deleted the dependencies folder
  9. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1V8FAZNRBsivTEmP46oQqW7GcLNfgCluP/view?usp=sharing btw, i tried installing manually and the parts are not loaded in, here's my log file, with my limited knowledge of the log, i can see that the part is not loaded in because the model doesn't exist
  10. help, i still cant find it on ckan, can you please check if the ckan is up to date otherwise it wont show u
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