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  1. bro you saved my life, does it work with the latest version? cus my current solution is just to disable kerbals needing electric charge in the settings
  2. guys uh, ksp broke when i installed this mod, module manager detected a fatal error, any ideas why? Log:https://drive.google.com/file/d/19hU2Tp9GjjxRW2GHYtRH99RBEra1aDLi/view?usp=sharing
  3. Nope I don’t use tweakscale, I find it kinda cheaty
  4. Hi, I'm new to Restock, loving it so far but, uh, is this supposed to happen? It's kinda bothering me ;-;
  5. Hi, I'm new in the USI mod pack world, I'm planning on installing mks cus konstruction cant function without mks, so quick question: Is near future + stockalike station parts compatible with mks? cus i like the gameplay improvements mks adds to ksp, but at the same time I honestly like near future parts more, so will all the near future habitation parts & containers work with mks?
  6. wow thanks! Im just worried about issues like part repeats like the artificial gravity rings and like 50 million containers and also other conflicts but ill try out mks! 1 other question, will the wear & tear system in mks conflict with dang it? cus I have that installed too also akita is the cutest thing ever
  7. yea you caught me, im only using konstruction, i would very much like to use mks but im afraid its gonna clutter up my current mod list. cus i have all of near future and some extras like mk2 & 3 expansion, is mks too much to handle?
  8. I also have a question... about the konfrabicator, i spent 2 hrs designing and building a station in orbit but now im stuck. I figured out how to use it pretty quickly, but one thing i dont understand is the resource system. like alloys, like how am i going to get alloys? i cant find a single container that can store alloys, wut
  9. actually it feels like ksp is laggier overall since installing this mod
  10. Is it just me or using the 12 hub at full capacity extremely laggy in the sph? (1.12)
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