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  1. nope! the issue fixed itself after I relaunched the game, though, so all is good
  2. if you ever get to the end of the shuttle program, will you look at more shuttle derivatives? these missions are amazing and I can’t wait for the next one
  3. ooh this is even weirder. SPH shows the interior of level 3, but still has the requirements of level 1
  4. I'm in sandbox mode, I go into the VAB, switch buildings (from inside of the VAB) and now all the buildings are level one. on the outside, it shows all level 3, but the requirements for launch are level one
  5. I was thinking of it more as a web in the sense that you unlock similar parts one at a time, (say, specifically. reliant to swivel, rather than basic to general rocketry) so that if I wanted to I could get directly to high isp liquid fuel engines, before messing with srbs
  6. So rather than the knowledge tree we have now, it’d be more of a part web?
  7. Howdy. I’ve been lurking for a while now but I finally decided to make an account and interact with the community. I do hope I can contribute positively
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