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  1. I am inquiring about 2 things: 1. What amount of time should I expect between releases of more features? Like for example, lets say that it is March 1st, 2023, KSP2 just released and I am wondering "When will we get science/career progression?", should I expect to get it in a few days? weeks? months? years? I personally feel like a month and a half at tops, lmk your opinion. 2. Will off-Kerbin craft building be an option at release? Will it be possible to build craft from my Jool station or Val surface base? or will it be added 2-3 updates down the line?
  2. i can never get RSS/RO/RP-1 properly working, so landing on the moon is impressive (at least in my POV)
  3. is "Wernher Von Kerman" Available? probably not but its worth trying
  4. in KSP2 i would like to see support for reusable rockets and other craft, Mostly more parts, but also fixing the issue of not being able to control multiple craft, and also the stupid hard part of landing. List of things: More legs (SpaceX and Blue Origin inspired) Gridfins. More Airbrakes Entire movable air surfaces (like starship flaps, or New Glenn fins)
  5. When i go into some menus (This happens randomly) the menu would collapse into the pin and the hashmark # or if I consistently go to settings it just has a horizontal scroll bar and thats it Modlist: Ksp.log:
  6. When I go to start a dogfight, I put equal amounts of planes on each side, I go to the menu, click "Start competition", Then it responds with Competition: Failed! One or more teams are empty How do I fix this?
  7. Imagine hundreds of starships flying to duna at once, and then watching them bellyflop out the sky
  8. See, its like spacex, there are 2 huge arms an a launch tower that can move vertically, pivot, and open/close, capable of lifting, stacking, and catching a rocket
  9. when i try to make chopstick arms, the kraken tries to kill me (im using DLC robotics)
  10. Have multiple ships all do the same command There are some obstacles with this, Maybe different ships can have different sequences (like KAL but better)
  11. What if there were automatic routes set by the player where the rocket could to many things: Refuel Transfer Cargo Mine This is a late game thing when mid tech gets that high
  12. I have an unrelated from steam install and it worked before but also has the same problem
  13. When I Try To Open KSP 1.12, It Opens Up The Little Unity Window With the KSP icon and the red box with the ! in the corner, i have tried opening it by ckan, steam, my taskbar, nothing works, My Suspicion Is New Nvidia GeForce Drivers, But I Cant Open GeForce Experience Either, HELP!
  14. Hello There! Do I Need Regular BDAc For BDAc Multiplayer To Work? I Have All The Dependencies For BDAc Multiplayer So Why Is It Not Working?
  15. Its A Stock Starship Replica Using Hinges For Flaps
  16. I was trying to make an automated starship landing and a problem arose. the starship fins are connected to the yaw action group and I'm trying to use a KAL controller for fins during landing. and because the fins are bound to an action group the fins won't respond to the KAL controller. how fix?
  17. Soooooooo I Try To Install But Each Time It Only Go Shiny I Used Bleeding Edge But No Work H E L P
  18. Im Having Problems With The Mod See Its Installed And im On 1.10 But It Wont Work (Im Using CKAN)
  19. I Have A Question For You @Nate Simpson Will We Be Able To Convert KSP 1 Saves To KSP 2?
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