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  1. Nope. I'm baaaack! @Max von Kerman, you still use this forum? And yes, that was a random ping.
  2. *ERROR 404: USER NOT FOUND. TRY AGAIN.* @Souptime, has the Above User's request reached your inbox?
  3. NOPE! Distraction! @The_Arcitect
  4. You are correct... NOT! @The_Arcitect, are you next?
  5. *Error 404: Moderator Not Found* User @Dr. Kerbal, please try again.
  6. Commodore_32 has not arrived on this flight. STOP. It was me instead. STOP. Telegrams are fun. STOP. Thanks for the idea, @Spaceman.Spiff, and will you be next? STOP.
  7. I had this happen to me once. Don't worry about it- unless it destroys your save- or the debris cost a lot of funds and you are playing in a hardcore career mode. See jimmymcgoochie's post for better info. (I didn't want to use a user ping, so that is why the username is in bold)
  8. NOPE. Sorry for the late reply @Dman979. I'm listening.
  9. Can you see the future? Because you are right! Hey, @Dman979, could you please tell us more about the old days of the KSP forums?
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