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  1. Say hello to one of two dwarf planets in the asteroid belt! This one is called Ado
  2. ok i'm feeling better so i'm back oh damn really? i've never gotten something like fan art before
  3. sorry about the lack of, anything recently. i've been feeling kinda meh and the time i spend modding is on the planet jam but this mod is not dead
  4. dres is a fun place to visit, especially its canyon
  5. 100% planned, but not now since i'm doing general housekeeping (modkeeping?) anyways, have unier's new scatterer config thanks for the compliment btw
  6. Ali: the moon that ate a ring Dalon: small little rock around unier
  7. Sorry for the lack of updates, here's unier's farthest moon: corris
  8. I dont since it's still a W.I.P. . And yes it will work with other endless expanse mods since it's the official system replacer for it
  9. i assume it's gonna be similar to ksp 1 and that the size can vary from asteroid to asteroid. but showing one to scale with a kerbal would be funny
  10. i really like how the new asteroid looks!
  11. I'm back. Welcome to the world of unier, a dusty desert planet 1.6 times the size of kerbin
  12. when i cant be bothered to get that last little bit of science (like if you have 48 science but the tech costs 50) i just cheat it in
  13. building an interstellar capable ship, tho for some reason i never actually launched it towards its target
  14. Haluin is a very stormy world due to its ocean to land ratio and its proximity to its sun
  15. Changed the cloud colors a bit and gave it some bands
  16. Turel, Haluin's fate i will now proceed to disappear for a week or two due to the fact that exams
  17. Homebound is the official system replacer of Endless Expanse, development is still ongoinging so please be patient As i go along updated for homebound development will be posted here, as not everyone has discord where i previously mostly posted updates Current progress: I'll be posting as i continue developing this system, Stay tuned!
  18. my game gave me chad kerman once and i have no idea how.
  19. It's an interstellar pack, meaning it's a star system far from kerbol! Sorry that i didn't do much for a while, but something is planned for the next update(also thanks rjbv09 for the new flare)
  20. Good news to all visual mod junkies, visual support will be added in 1.1
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