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  1. 100% planned, but not now since i'm doing general housekeeping (modkeeping?)
    anyways, have unier's new scatterer config


    On 7/14/2022 at 6:11 PM, Sky Kerman said:

    Oh my god! Thats amazing! I cant believe a mod this unrecognized is so good! Will there be scatters?

    thanks for the compliment btw

  2. 7 minutes ago, t_v said:

    Just wondering, for any devs who may be following this conversation, how big is that asteroid? It looks to be significantly higher definition than KSP 1 asteroids, with a normal map and everything. 

    i assume it's gonna be similar to ksp 1 and that the size can vary from asteroid to asteroid. but showing one to scale with a kerbal would be funny

  3. MainBanner.png

    Homebound is the official system replacer of Endless Expanse, development is still ongoinging so please be patient


    As i go along updated for homebound development will be posted here, as not everyone has discord where i previously mostly posted updatesBc.png

    Current progress:


    Sidoh, the homeworld of this mod, was made with tectonic activity in mind.


    Adire, The closest of Sidoh's current moons. It was hit by a massive impact which caused the welling up of basaltic magma which flooded the lowlands


    Tyvin, an iron rich world with a mars like atmosphere, it's argued wether it should be considered a moon or a binary partner. What's certain is that if space had been more kind to it, it might have ended up like Sidoh.Schermopname_2940.png

    Cast, a mercury sized planet orbiting close to the main star that was recently hit by another object, it has turned into a molten hellscape with a single crater dominating half of the planet. It has one small moon named Nuo, it's being formed from ring material.




    I'll be posting as i continue developing this system, Stay tuned!Bc.png

  4. On 3/29/2022 at 3:44 AM, kbtrains said:

    just wondering, does this replace the kerbol system?  looks really cool btw!

    It's an interstellar pack, meaning it's a star system far from kerbol!


    Sorry that i didn't do much for a while, but something is planned for the next update(also thanks rjbv09 for the new flare)




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