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  1. On 7/19/2023 at 12:25 PM, Superpluto126 said:

    I already tried out the Initial release and its already really good!


    Good job!

    By "initial release" i'm assuming you mean DOT-33
    it may be a bit old but thanks for downloading and playing it and i'm glad you enjoyed it


    DOT-33 is returning later on as a part of the full endless expanse collection with a fresh coat of paint!

  2. a lot of the current worlds will be remade due to the fact that i'm not satisfied with them (sidoh is an exception, there is no chance i'm remaking it)

    but since this will be like, the 500th remake i will first be creating new worlds instead

    most likely a lot of messages will have to be removed from this thread to keep it up to date instead of having multiple versions of the same object (that is if i can delete messages)

    If i cant delete messages, i will not be making another thread, i've made enough threads for now.


    thank you for your patience

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