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  1. I love how everyone is individually discovering you need Kopernicus BE 110... Thanks for the great mod!
  2. So I think I am on to something. As I said before, I installed through CKAN. Here's the thing--CKAN did not install Kopernicus as a dependency. I have no Kopernicus directory in my GameData. I went out and got the newest version of Kopernicus and manually installed it, and now when I launch KSP I get a status message saying "Parallax dependency satisfied." BUT I also get a warning from Kopernicus that it is not compatible with this version of KSP, and please not to open saves. I installed the version posted to their github 14 days ago and am running the latest version of KSP.
  3. Hello! I have Parallax installed but my terrain has become uglier if anything. Nothing is being tessellated, just stock terrain textures raised about three feet off the ground. I installed through CKAN so it should be a good install. Not sure why this is happening. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, etc. Any ideas? This mod looks incredible and I require it's services. Screenshots of KSP and CKAN here: https://imgur.com/a/orDU2kn
  4. "Surely timewarp can't be active in every case" they said... Thanks guys Now if I could just figure out how to to an orbital transfer I'd be getting somewhere!
  5. Ah, thank you. That text is just a little misleading.
  6. Does the command pod itself need to be on the ground? It's resting on a flea engine. Speed is 0m/s and I can recover so I don't think it's hovering. And it does it for every launch... not an isolated incident. Here's another horizontal in water.
  7. Just started out playing Kerbal. At the launch site, I am able to properly EVA and gather an EVA report. However, after launching and landing safely back on Kerbal's surface, the game will not allow me to EVA. When I click the button it says that I can't EVA off Kerbal's surface without an Astronaut complex upgrade. I have not left Kerbal. What gives? Why can't I EVA on my home planet's surface after launch?
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