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  1. I’m most looking forward to the colonies and multiplayer. I cannot wait to crash my ship into my friend’s colony.
  2. Amazing! I prefer the new shading you did than the old. It looks so nice! The sky looks so good now! Great Job Blackrack!
  3. Its fine for me. Make sure you vent most or all of the fuel in the main tanks and keep fuel in the Header Tank on the nose, this is very important.
  4. I do not think there are any plans to update Gojira at all. Use Starship Expansion Project or KaioSpace instead.
  5. Just realized I forgot to put the license file in the new update... gonna make a small update soon.
  6. VERSION 3.0 RELEASED -RO And RP1 Support -Among Us Kerbal Suit added -Color Variants added -Module Manager is now required to be installed, mod may not function as intended if not installed. Download in OP.
  7. HOLY CRAP GAMEPLAY!!!! Framerate sooo smooth... I love it! Graphics are way better too!
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