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  1. Hey! Great mod. There seems to be an issue with fairing recolor. If you try to change the variant of a fairing, it stays the same.
  2. What do you mean by SN15 design? It isnt that much different than the current Gojira. Do you mean the dearMoon design??
  3. Yes. Download Tundra Exploration’s RO configs, and there will be an extras folder. Go in it and go inside the SpaceX decals folder. Now just merge that gamedata folder with the gamedata folder in your ksp folder. it should ask you to override. click yes. It should override the decals and you should be good to go!
  4. Same happens to me. I used physics range extender to fix this (it has a cam fix option), but it is annoying because when i land boosters, it lifts up all landed objects and switches me away from the booster. If you could find another solution, it would really help!
  5. This is probably because the flaps use a different type of scale than the rest. the flaps change their scale based on %, while the body is based on diameter. Maybe @damonvvcould change the way the flaps are scaled in the future.
  7. Hey! Is there a plan to add a Super Heavy engine variant with no legs? Kinda like the Gojira MK3 super heavy engine, but shiny.
  8. Yeah, I was just making sure since one time, i put ice flags on my starship and it behaved like an over powered plane, and when I took them off, it was fixed.
  9. do you have flags on it? I realized that flags cause it to have wayy too much lift and i couldn’t land it.
  10. Hey! Great mod! I just have one question. Did you change the Gojira MK3 at all in the last few updates? I wanted to fly it again but The textures were messed up. Is it somethibg wrong in my install?
  11. does anyone know how to make the aft flaps of the gojira mk4 actuate like the ones at the top? which action group settings will make it work?
  12. Destruction Effects is what causes the plume. The only solution I can think of is to uninstall that mod.
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