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  1. Landing legs can finally take the weigh of the ITS fully fueled
  2. 1.11 should be adding 0.625m fairings just that nothing else.
  3. Could I use mechjeb Smart ASS for the Shuttle I'm planning to use also Atmospheric autopilot for descent and landing phase?
  4. Mercury-Atlas was the first US manned launch to orbit built by Convair and Operated by NASA as part of Project Mercury that included the most launches with 9 missions the most famous being Mercury-Atlas 6 or Friendship 7. The model I've made here is not built to scale, though the length is based on two Rockomax X200-32 Fuel Tanks and one C7 Brand Adapter - 2.5m to 1.25m. One of the hardest part of this build was the 1.5 stage built with two pairs of 8 flags and with the booster section separated with a TD-18 Decoupler with a tiny space between booster section and main tank to allow
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