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  1. Hello i just had a suggestion for maybe a spacex starship autopilot so like it does the hops and also does the landings it was just a idea for any mod creators?
  2. With the different naming of the space shuttles are they different parts or same part but different textures?
  3. i dont know because i cant see the picture but like its all of the buran textures are black like there are no stuff that is the texture its all black
  4. well see i dont really know so i just left it and also for my quote i did not say "cuando descargo el mod tengo un buran sin textura" and whatever is left
  5. is there a mod that adds the aurora from subnautica or can someone make a mod that adds the aurora please thx
  6. ok so first the stock ones are abit weird with it it works sometimes and the staging is correct and it does turn on when i click turn on also where is a image that it doesn't work with the modded ones
  7. @Boyster so first i have it throttled up all the way and still nothing second my engines are getting fuel and still nothing and third this is happening with stock rockets sorry for the late reply
  8. idk if i have cross feed fuel ill see @Boyster (just realized it was cross feed rule well idk)
  9. when i attach a engine then i go out to the launch pad and the engine(s) are first for staging i press space (the button to do the staging) and it just skips it i have done everything and when i try and use a craft file the same thing happened it just skips it to (sorry idk how to insert the pic that i have taken if you want me to send a pic)
  10. Hi so I was just wondering if there was a fully SpaceX Falcon 9 variant like not the one that says Ghidorah variant the one that's in real life variant i was just wondering if there was one as can be seen from this video or it is just a different mod Link:
  11. Hi so when I download FMRS it says what I have to delete the plugin but when I deleted it to doesn't show up does anyone know how to fix this? edit: is it because I don't have the continued version?
  12. @maki19 I thought I fix it but i didn't so idk
  13. oh ok well I'm firing up KSP well idk how to do it cus I'm new just don't worry it might be I'm on a different version
  14. I have joined the discord when your online ill send the screenshots
  15. when i download the mod i have untextured buran does anyone know how to fix this?
  16. When i download the mod I don't see the cockpit and the back end of the space shuttle does anyone know how to fix this problem? (stupid me i just realized what happened)
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