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  1. No. At least not yet. They are still working on the next update (Soon™). So if you're still relying on building stuff off-world, don't go on a purging spree in your GameData folder just yet
  2. And I don't trust developers/publishers before I can see the (at least somewhat) finished product.
  3. Everything not in use by any craft in your current save. You can test this by (making a zip of the GC folder first obviously and then) deleting the GC folder. If there are any parts in use, the game will tell you when you click on "load" that parts are missing. You can then restore the parts in question and try again. Use at your own risk obviously I just finished deploying WOLF Depots in every single biome in Kerbin SOI - my body save is ready for the USI construction update(s)
  4. No, that's why watching content creators (who probably get the game for free anyway) is vital for "hyped" games. And you can bet your left buttcheek twitch and YT will be full of KSP2 when it releases
  5. I'm going to make an XL bag of popcorn and see how my usual suspect content creators get on with it. There's no point in just throwing money at a dev/publisher *before* I know what I get myself into. Also curious to see what further nonsense they come up with for their EULA.
  6. Ooooohh.. alright, that's down to me making a false assumption then. Good to know So machines also work on "input empty"? As in, just work with whatever diminished input they receive instead of shutting down completely? Come to think of it, ISRUs work that way, they just take whatever amount of Ore and spit out LFO in appropriate quantities... Maybe I should have played around a bit more in the game instead of in Excel-Tunnelvision trying to figure out numbers and ratios
  7. Can you give an example please? The ratios at which regular MKS parts produce and consume parts more often than not to not have any common denominator, the Governor setting is locked to being multiples of 0.1, and the way efficiency boosting works is pretty much a black box without digging through the *.cfgs to determine the values associated with it as the game does not display this kind of information. So what you end up getting is a refinery bay making Silicon from Silicates at a slightly higher rate that another one consumes it, eventually leading to that bay shutting down due to
  8. If Colony Supplies to freeze the Hab timers and Supplies to provide food indefinitely are taken care of, there's no need to stop production of anything else since resources you dig up from the ground don't deplete and WOLF doesn't care about time at all. Even if you dump excess of "end products" provided by a WOLF Hopper e.g. Material Kits there cannot be any other place where the resources used to make these things could have gone to otherwise. So "waste" by design doesn't exist... for WOLF infrastructure and anything you make with the resources provided by Hoppers at least...
  9. Also you don't need to launch CKAN every time you play the game... In fact I would only use CKAN to get all the mods I want for a playthrough (well, the ones I can get through CKAN anyway) because it's just convenient, and then never touch it again other than for a new game unless I specifically intent to screw around with my current save. Much less hassle that way Backtracking a little bit to my wondering earlier about the 2.5m WOLF Lifesupport Hopper dropping enough ColonySupplies for 428 Kerbals... Turns out the 3.75m one provides enough for1,071! And just to be clear (because
  10. Makes sense. Yeah I know, configuring things correctly was a thing before the atlas parts were available So I guess all one really needs for a colony is two wolf hoppers providing colony supplies for the living modules and supplies for snacks (appropriate WOLF infrastructure too obviously). Wouldn't even have to deal with the various ways of greenhouses and agroponics/cultivate etc. anymore... nice. Soon™...
  11. Yeah I'm just watching the VOD from last night literally right now - since I missed that stream I guess I can finish deploying WOLF Depots in Kerbin SOI for the time being. Mun has quite the number of biomes...
  12. Yes I saw the big atlas FAT CHONK parts... (And I love 'em!) Just gotta figure out a way to utilize the 20m ones with the bulge on the bottom () in a way that doesn't look silly... But going further down that road - doesn't building on that scale (partially) negate the benefits of WOLF, namely reducing "part" count? Are Kerbals not also "parts" that need to be tracked etc? And those >1200 Colony Supplies is only the "small" 2.5m Hopper.. I don't even know what the big 3.75m one does OTOH. I might need a bigger boat... Edit: How does one build stuff in orbit or on
  13. Also keep in mind you have to configure the Drills for the resources you're planning to extract - their default setting is DIRT. If you didn't configure them in the VAB/SPH before launching, you can still do that on-site, but it costs Specialized Parts, Material Kits and EC. Nvm I just saw you did that Unrelated to drills: I just looked through the various WOLF Hoppers and what they spit out in terms of usable output... and holy solid organic waste products >1200 colony supplies for the 2.5m life support hopper? Isn't that just a teeny tiny little bit overkill? That'd be
  14. Right, found it. I didn't even know you could adjust these settings while playing
  15. Exactly why I asked if it scales with the science multiplier... because driving around on Kerbin SOI with (bon voyage enabled) rovers is trivial and the amount of science will be hilarious just from that. Guess I'm gonna survey all the stuff and delete 90% of the science gained via save file edit (it's easy enough).
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