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  1. @DunaManiac then how do i get the planets ive made with kittopia tech?
  2. @DunaManiac configs, but im not sure how to use them, i just move it into the config folder of my planet pack but nothing shows up in game
  3. You see, ive tried that before and it bugs the planet even more, it fixes the error from the orbit/map veiw of the planet, but when you get close the lightings still broken on the surface, the error also happens with gas planets so i dont know whats going on
  4. very fast and basic question, how do I get my planets that I've made with kittopia tech? i export them and then move the exported file into the mod, but it doesn't show up, I'm probably doing it wrong and what's the right way?
  5. One of the moons of Karbos, "Impact" In game description: Impact is a moon orbiting Karbos, its one of the oldest moons orbiting the giant. its its orbit is inside the rings of Karbos itself, it used to be a small asteroid that got stuck in the rings, the impacts of the tiny ring particles made it grow, kerbal scientists believe that one day it will take a large amount of the rings away from Karbos, and might one day crash into Karbos, making a large impact on the size of the core on Karbos...
  6. I made a almost to scale image of the expanded Kerbol system, it has all the planets from the stock game and all planets from the mod, the planets aren't 100% real scale and Kerbol is scaled down (brush in GIMP was on max size)
  7. Saturn is my favorite planet in the solar system, and i wanted to make a planet that looks like it in this mod pack, even though Vool is a Saturn Analog i wanted to make a planet that had more features that where similar to Saturn (rings and color), but not exactly like it, so i made this planet, "Karbos" it isn't exactly like Saturn, its larger then Jool and closer to Kerbol then Jool, and it will only have 3 moons.
  8. Good news! i just made the first teaser trailer for the mod on YouTube! its a short one minute video.
  9. @DunaManiac Yea, NEW MOON NUMBERS (Updated in the spoiler box on the main thread as well) Spiral still has one
  10. @DunaManiac yea i was planing to lower down the moon count (vool has WAY to many), but they will still have quite a few moons.
  11. thank you, and before i used the more ''popular'' art programs that kopernicus modders use (photoshop and GIMP), i used a old painting software lying around on my computer, forgot how i got it but it was called krita, it had a brush called "Texture_Spines" and i used it on some of my moons, with a normal map it turns them into canyons. Pebble is suppose to be a small asteroid that got stuck in orbit of the mun a long time ago, so i would imagine it would end up looking something like the mun due to other objects hitting it, but i agree, i plan on remaking its texture soon i was gonna say that it was only that side of the moon that looked like the mun, but now that i look at the texture i realize that it does look like the mun.
  12. A hight. normal, and color map for one of the moons of Urnus, Ninmus!
  13. Hello everyone! welcome to my development thread for my kopernicus planet pack, Kerbol system: Expanded! as the name suggests, it adds more planets to the stock solar system, it will also add tons of new moons for the distant worlds. The planned expansion (NOTE: I am not reinventing the wheel, adding Kerbol versions of the outer planets is not the only thing this mod does, it will add many different body's to explore, but if you want a decently made mod that add outer planets, I recommend Outer planets mod) Screenshots (more coming soon) its quite obvious, but incase some people dont know, when the first version of this mod comes out, it will need kopernicus continued. Known bugs but yea anyways, ill be posting updates on the mods progress here
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