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  1. Holy cow, good luck getting an answer to something from five years ago If you want better Kerbalism support for BDB you do have a few options. I wrote a patch last fall that covers a lot of the early to mid game BDB stuff, and it is available here on the forums and on Github (Grimm Modlets). It was written with the Apollo revamp in mind but a few things have probably changed since then. More recently, CessnaSkyhawk published an early version of his Kerbalism config for his tech tree (Skyhawk Science System) which is specifically tailored to BDB (this replaces the default Kerbalism config).
  2. You can use the contract configurator settings in the difficulty settings menu to either disable or keep the vanilla missions.
  3. You installed it wrong, you need to copy the folder structure as-is. Arbitrarily changing folders will result in issues like you're experiencing now.
  4. You forgot the last screenshot where the gate jumps up and explodes due to KSP being KSP But seriously, is it gonna be OK? Tethered to the ground somehow, maybe like the ground anchor?
  5. You could work on it HT2 is already configured for RealismOverhaul, so the only thing left to do is to configure it for the RP-1 tech tree.
  6. Just missing the restaurant at the end of the universe there
  7. You could delete all of the parts. Then you will need to add appropriate MKS modules to your own or some other parts using MM patching, or use other mods that provide compatibility to some extent (like KPBS or FUR).
  8. The issue seems to be that you did not read the last few pages and used an old version of Blueshift. The current version 1.7.8 should be fine.
  9. Yes, even the launch charts provided by BDB unofficially are for "JNSQ 100km LKO".
  10. Yea as much as I like BDB and appreciate the tons of effort that goes into it - it doesn't warrant Wikipedia. To be fair, a lot of articles that do exist on Wikipedia also shouldn't be there. But that's another discussion for another day.
  11. You do not need any rebalance mods to play BDB with JNSQ - BDB parts are balanced like stock so they are perfect for JNSQ scale.
  12. So, I looked at Mechjeb's porkchop thingy and I can now only assume that you were joking. Well, strictly speaking it may really be better than stock for some vague definition of "better" but ugh. Not a fan.
  13. I've done the same Blueshift run to Nova Kirbani at high c and had no such issues (well, not quite true, but my issues were more like exploding when landing on planets around Nova Kirbani a). So YMMV. I have a high end PC though. Post your logs?
  14. I may look at it this weekend but no promises. TBH I do not find much joy in balancing mods and I'm still far off from actually using Blueshift and SpaceDust in my career saves. You may be better off integrating or adapting Rakete's version if his numbers work for you.
  15. I'm not the guy who made that, I just linked to it because it's brilliant. I'd be happy if I can come up with anything that's even remotely close
  16. Here's a gallery for the remaining issues as promised. These are the issues I described a few posts back, more comments are in the image descriptions. Some issues are just minor visual glitches that probably won't even appear when installing EVE/Scatterer while others are in the realm of making it difficult (cubism) to impossible (exploding on ground contact) to play. The logs are here. Player log is here. This is clean install with the minimum number of mods (ie just Kopernicus, MFI, MM, and clean GU with only Alpha Centauri installed and enabled without Galaxy or HomeSwitch). I managed to land a few times but ultimately still exploded towards the end, although I did not manage to reproduce the two bugs I had yesterday where either the vessel exploded immediately upon landing or when switching from the tracking station.
  17. Err, I thought it's supposed to have a bright blue spiral background like in your picture? It's not the case?
  18. Deformation happens when Kerbin is still in the original location as well. It pretty much always happens when I switch to a flight scene that is far away then switch back to KSC scene. But the fact that you're aware of it means that this is fairly normal with KSP at interstellar distances isn't it? That's sad. I was hoping there maybe was some workaround. BTW you have a syntax error here: [WRN 16:49:06.778] unrecognized trailer: ',*' on: GU/Configs/GU_Patches/Rescale_Sigma/2.5x/@EVE_CLOUDS[*]:LAST[GU]:HAS[@GU_GENERAL_Settings:HAS[#Scale[2.5]]],* As for the Galaxy mode, here are some screenshots. I did restart KSP twice after enabling Galaxy mode. The only thing that really comes to mind is that the version of instantiator I used is fairly old, but it doesn't seem like there is a newer one. And here is the log. For the other issues, I'll post separately later as I need to capture some screenshots. Seeing as you are asking for "proof" I take it that those issues are not expected behavior so there is some hope for fixing them.
  19. Yes, it's possible. You'll need to add the resource to a hopper as well, or you won't be able to get it out of WOLF.
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