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  1. Hi, i have always like 0.24 because i started with it. i had it for 2 years. But then my hard drive broke, and i lost this version. Can you please help me on getting this? Thanks in advance.
  2. End Of The Line, Jeremy Crockett. Yesterday was: Kicking Ass And Taking Names, Simon Viklund.
  3. 1.12 looks sick! Gonna have to update KSP as fast as I can! I'm glad the devs are adding more solar panels! EDIT: "...last major update of KSP before KSP2 hits the shelves next year." Wait, does this mean no more updates for KSP1? If it is, then I'm sad. If it's not, then I'm still happy!
  4. I cant play 1.11 because my pc is from 2007
  5. So, i decided to make a station in KSP v1.4.5. This station consists of around 200 parts. Hope you like it! Link: https://kerbalx.com/KSPBaron145/Space-Staton-MKIII
  6. I tried using the latest version off of GitHub and it worked! (Also, it exists)
  7. I am wondering because i got KSP on Steam and decided 1.5 was too intense for my PC (it is from 2007). I wanted to use this with the MK2 Expansion (dunno what it is called btw) and make fighter jet designs to post on KerbalX. So, does it work?
  8. first- i am testing the old KSP version with some of my most liked mods (and the old textures). second- 12 mods with a old version- now here's the point MAYBE because KSP x64 does not like loading 12 mods at the SAME TIME. Or something is not right in the loading process (mods not working?)? Or possibly CORRUPTION OF MY OLD SAVE. Notes: 1. My old save WAS from 2012 and has been possibly corrupted. (i only tested it twice) 2. I played on a DEMO.
  9. Hello, i`m using KSP x64 with 12 mods, version, and on Steam bought during the 75% sale on KSP I also have 4 gigs of DDR2, a AMD Radeon 5760 and a Intel Duo 2-Core E7300. (this system is weak) Plz help me, thanks for the person who solved this problem, so goodbye! -KSPBaron145
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