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  1. Made a small trailer thingy for this pack. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUFUWKXKKso
  2. CRP configs and DOE are already compatible, science localization is a lot of work but I can introduce the easter egg part that way too. About the craters, that is more of a subjective thing, I could go ahead and add more craters but the issue with that is that it has to be respectable with biomemaps. Because then landing on different biomes other than craters will be hard, the way how much and how large I made them is more of a gameplay decision and I respect that they could have more but I want this to be more balanced, in fact actually. Halcyon has so many craters that it has only 2 biomes and it is hard to just start drawing onto the craters 1 by 1. I can do Research Bodies and Planetshine compatibility for sure though! I also want to revamp maybe Cronos but I don't know, it looks good the way it is. The main focus would now just be to polish a few things and also go look for maybe adding scatters and surface textures.
  3. - Updated GEPMinorWorlds to v0.14 Added biomemap for Halcyon Converted normals from .png to .dds Made normals a little more rougher / stronger. I want to note that I don't know what more to release, I probably won't make another minor planet since from what I got to know is that Ohiobob wants to add another small world to GEP themself and I will probably look forward to making something like Parallax support and maybe revamping Cronos some time soon. All of this is quite a bunch of work though so I have no idea when I will get to release it.
  4. - Updated GEPMinorWorlds to v0.13 Revamped Halcyons heightmap entirely, shape stayed the same. Made planets load with .dds OnDemand to reduce RAM usage a little. I have recently been busy with some other stuff so sorry if I am not all that active, but I do tend to bring one update here and there.
  5. - Updated GEPMinorWorlds to v0.12 Added Halcyon, a new minor planet orbiting very far from Grannus with an overall high eccentricity, at it's furthest it is completely dark, whilst it is very visible at periapsis. (Screenshots in the spoilers, it's as well not completely finished just wanted to finally get some more content into this.) Changes to a few of the CRP configs. (mostly balancing stuff)
  6. Someone perhaps may change mine to L1L1TH?
  7. It's not really support. I just didn't have to adjust anything because it is already fairly stable. I did go on for about 4500 years of timewarp with Principia installed and I noticed that every 50 - 75 years Cronos moves forth and back in it's trojan position. It's not a big problem though it's just something to take a note of. I will probably keep it this way though because it is interesting for sure.
  8. - Updated GEPMinorWorlds to v0.11 Added full Community Resource Pack compatibility Added Distant Object Enhancement compatibility I added an extra folder with a few little tweaks to Grannus Expansion Pack. On another note, I tested the mod with Principia a little and it should work fairly fine.
  9. Done, the issue should be solved now. Instead of being a .rar it's a .zip file.
  10. I will fix it today when I get to be home. Thanks for letting me know though.
  11. This is a mod which adds new minor planets or asteroids to the planet pack "Grannus Expansion Pack" created by Ohiobob. Personally I felt like that there needed to be something new than minor planet expansion which is compatible with a lot of different system replacers to fill in the gaps, but I want to change that and give certain packs more of their own unique worlds than reusing the same pack over and over again. Right now it features 4 unique minor worlds and 1 moon. There is more to follow, this pack isn't finished by any means. Spoilers down below with screenshots. - Cassanite & Saleen - Cronos - Stellate - Halcyon I also recently made a small trailer if you are interested. For those interested playing with it here is a Github Download This Requires Kopernicus and Grannus Expansion Pack by @OhioBob (Note: This works with both Grannus Expansion Pack Primary and Secondary) Special thanks to @Caps Lock for some of the Shapemap assets and @ballisticfox0 for most of their screenshots to showcase this mod better off. Liscence https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/
  12. I also realized a problem with the sunflare on GEP_Primary... GEP looks like it tries to edit the stock sunflare when using Primary rather than replace it, and so while the old syntax is supported GEP itself is trying to edit a file with the new syntax as if it has the old one and so only scatterers stock sunflare loads for Sun when Primary is installed. Scatterer version is still the former 0.0772 here I fixed it with a patch but I think it would be a good idea pointing that out.
  13. Oh alright, SpaceDust is the mod that Nertea made for space resource destributions and for his Near Future and Far Future suite. I was just curious, thanks for the quick answer.
  14. Hey, just wanted to ask if this is getting SpaceDust compatibility or isn't really aiming for that?
  15. Though, there is a bug with a distance this far, will you really set it 1.2 ly? Because in KSP most star systems have bugs like clipping through the ground with wheels or landing gears like this https://github.com/Kopernicus/Kopernicus/issues/459#issuecomment-753933017
  16. I wonder, I'm playing on 1.11.1 and the mod doesn't seem to be compatible? Is there a plan in the future that it will be possible?
  17. @Martian Emigrant Thank you for that! I'll enjoy being hailed here haha. No actually if you refer to the mythological Hydra, (because you were saying hail) I didnt take that name from there. My inspiration was from one of Pluto's moons!
  18. Hey, I have alot of problems with FFT. One is that Systemheat is not working properly, I put alot of radiators on a vessel to keep the "Clarke" Engine cool. But its temperature still went up like crazy, once I even just throttled a bit in orbit. The crafts temperature went insane from like 0 up to 120000Kelvin in just a split second. Also the other bug that I have happens because of WaterfallRestock. I see white little pixels appearing on the engine's back, also when I select an engine or hover with the mouse over it. The plume seems to be a physical object attached to the engine which is weird. basically same problem as NHunter!
  19. wow this looks really cool! im impressed. For a game that actually isnt meant for black holes that now there are even shaders! Great.
  20. You cannot really exit the Kerbolar System, It's SOI is inifnite. Though theres a point where your trajectory shows itself going backwards. Im not sure but I think its pretty much impossible to escape the system
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