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  1. I've got one made, trying to get the craft files uploaded Great idea!
  2. Hi! How does this work with DLCs? If one person has DLCs but the other doesn't, what happens?
  3. Hi, recently I've gotten into modding KSP, and CKAN seems the perfect way to do this. However, I am on a Mac and cannot get to grips with it. Where are the files? How do I remove mods? Heck, how do you even install them with that terminal UI? I've done some research, but all the answers I've found are on the windows version or outdated. Any tips?
  4. Woah, this all is amazing! Is this all your mods? Or are those your builds? Or both?
  5. Thank you, but this suggestion is a) About regular Sandbox mode where R&D is locked, not science sandbox, and b) about the Archives section, not the tech tree. Archives should be available in sandbox mode too, to allow collecting of those fun text results. This would give more meaning to Sandbox mode.
  6. Amazing mod However, I can't figure out how to download it as the Spacedock link won't work for me. Ideas? EDIT: Hmm, this just happened - so probably website issue Oh no! SpaceDock isn't here. We are most likely working on it. If this persits, send us the URL and code via Matrix, IRC or Discord You can also improve the sites reliability by donating here. Code: cfcx I'd better try that then.
  7. My rocket capsized on the Mun and threatened to slide down a crater and explode. Luckily, I had a buggy with Vernor engines stowed. I promptly decoupled the rover, got good old Jebediah to EVA onto the rover, and used the rover's rocket engines (Yes, I put rocket engines onto rovers: 2 Twitchs to be exact) to wedge the rover under the nose of the rocket just before it was about to slide over the crater rim. After turning the Vernors to maximum thrust, I used RCS translation to lift up the ship and get it upright. After deploying habitation modules, doing science, etc, I got back to the ship
  8. Wow! That is indeed fast I've modified the rules now to prevent motorised wheels.
  9. How about sending it on a solar orbit? You might want to add it to the poll at least
  10. Thank you! I wasn't aware of that! However, I don't think you can access it in sandbox, can you?
  11. Hello Kerbals! Apparently, sport makes you healthy and strong, increases your life expectancy and all that. Well, seeing as your life will probably end in a dubious construction before you die of old age, it probably won't be much use to you. Sport does seem fun: however, physical exertion is boring. Our R&D team has spent lots of time and a mediocre amount of effort in finding the solution - slap on some giant robot parts! For this challenge, you must build a contraption that gets a Kerbal from one end of the KSC airstrip to the other 0. The start is considered where the contr
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