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  1. Do you plan on updating the CKAN entry to the latest version? Edit: NVM I just installed it from spacedock. I can't find the reference designs in the files, though. Would someone mind linking them?
  2. Would you mind adding a preset feature where a player could set a configuration and save it as a preset, so we don't have to set the aero descent altitude, gear deploy altitude, target landing velocity, amount of engines for the landing burn, permitted target error, etc.? Thanks!
  3. How do you install the mod? I tried transferring the gamedata file folder to the KSP Game Data folder, but when I open KSP, the parts aren't available. Thanks!
  4. I love this mod! Its really fun and simple to use, and has a decent amount of parts. One question I have is how do you prevent the printed regolith structures from starting as soon as they spawn?
  5. Does this mod require life support functionality? I'd rather just build bases without worrying about keeping my kerbals alive.
  6. I'm having trouble finding the real name config patches. Could someone please provide the file path to locate it? Thanks!
  7. Hey, is this mod still compatible with KSP 1.10.1? I know it can't be installed through CKAN, but would it still function if I install it manually?
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