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  1. It would be great if you could rebalance the capsule and SM parts so that the SM has more monopropellant than the capsule. I think 400 units in the smaller SM would be good. The COM is pretty far forward on the Constellation variant of the spacecraft, so if you could add more mass to the smaller SM, I'd really appreciate it.
  2. How do I land the smaller spaceplanes with the landing skids. Every time I try to land, the skids just rip off and the craft is destroyed. This happens no matter how slow Iand.
  3. Is this planned to release with v.1.11? Will it be deployable from the LEM like the LESS? Its really cool!
  4. Is there a specific configuration for the RL10 descent engines meant for the lander? The BDB Inon doesn't have a CECE variant
  5. Holy crap! I had no idea the shuttle computers couldn't handle a flight on new years. I think this pretty much sums up the real world shuttle program.
  6. It would be awesome if you could release a standalone mod with the LRV contained in this mod! I think its the best version of the LRV I've seen so far.
  7. Hi. I'm having a bit of an issue with the engines. Whenever I activate them and throttle them up, they start to pulse their thrust very rapidly form 0 kN to max thrust. This applies to all of the engines. Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I tried to attach the two engines separately. Even if I can solve this issue for the shuttle using symmetry, that still leaves the fact that I can't attach the engine to the ReDirect Orion SM, because it only has one node.
  9. I downloaded the sharedassets zip file from GitHub, extracted it, and moved it to the gamedata folder of my KSP install. I had already had a copy of sharedassets from downloading several other Benjee10 mods, so I selected replace all files in destination when the dialogue asked me what to do with duplicates. It should be completely up to date now. I can try deleting the sharedassets folder and then copying the updated version from my downloads folder if you think that would help.
  10. I've been having an issue with the AJ10 engine. Every time I try to place it, it disappears, and disbles placing any more parts. I have the sharedassets folder from the spacedock download installed.
  11. Is this vehicle compatible in size with the Saturn V from Bluedog Design Bureau?
  12. Atmospheric Fluid Spectro-Variometer: From the surface of Earth A rapid change in the content of Earth's atmosphere seems to have occurred. While previously, the gasses which comprised the atmosphere had been mostly Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon, and other miscellaneous gasses, approximately 22 hours ago, this gas mixture was rapidly and completely replaced with a liquid saline solution similar to that which exists in the tear ducts of the planet's tertiary intelligence, humans*. * Primary and secondary inteligences being Dolphins and Mice Reward for Transmitting: 3,650 Science Reward for Recovery: > 2,000,000 Science Possible gain from processing in a Science Lab: %07
  13. The Beresheet lander is in upcoming features. It was an Israeli unmanned lunar lander that crashed on the moon due to a guidance or engine failure.
  14. Gojira Mk 5 (SN15), LADEE, and Octopus Revamp were moved from V5.0 to V6.0. I guess Damon changed their mind about what should be in the update. We appreciate it though! Better to have a bunch of new content now so that we can get used to the new parts than to have a ton of new stuff all at once.
  15. How did you get access to the Gigan XL? Its coming out in V5.0 which isn't released yet.
  16. What is the notch in the PT-SP100 Structural Support Unit for? The description says it's for size zero docking port, but I can't figure out what a size zero docking port is.
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