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  1. dude, make your mods up to date, 1.11 is out (slams table) now!

  2. pc, mostly aerodynamics actually mac then the game crashes, then i lose my craft
  3. On specific parts, actually all of them, they are not placing on the craft, then i have to close the game, and lose my craft.
  4. i'm in the editor in 1.11, and the editor switcher is gone. and i have no idea how to increase the window size. so i guess i got that goin for me
  5. i've tried using blender, but i have no idea how to use that. i know how to install mods tho.
  6. I boot up ksp, and (if you saw vinster's post) it wasn't working. I uninstalled some mods that didn't work, and it doesn't work. I'm on 1.10.1, AND NOTHING WORKS!! HALP MEH.
  7. Build American and soviet rockets, even modify them with guns or laza beams. Have, them drop bombs, whatever the hell you want!
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