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  1. Steam gave me the error message "Depot download failed : Manifest not available" I tried to tell CKAN to fake it being 1.11.0, but my mind is square and I didn't know what i was doing so CKAN crashed
  2. I'm not sure if this is intentional, but I can't switch back to version 1.11 after I updated to 1.11.1 using the Steam Launcher. Most of the mods I'm using are stuck on 1.11, as well. :l Under the "Properites" tab, there's a "Betas" Tab. this allows you to switch versions. 1.11 is not on that list.
  3. Hello Everyone! R3dst0ne_ here. I just set up an account because I have a dream to make a planet pack. There's one thing stopping this: None of the tutorials are up to date. And while there's probably a deep web kopernicus guide that is, the ones that aren't sketchy are all YEARS old. Aand... I'm too lazy to look for them. Which is why I came here in the first place. But despite my pointless babbling, I'm posting here to try and make a planet pack. and a halfway decent one at that. My idea is rather complicated, too. the name will be "Dawn." Dawn wil
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