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  1. Hi,There is a problem I face that when a kerbal dies *puff*,after that when they are reborn or found there rank goes down.So,is there an way increase kerbal rank without doing more mission?
  2. Give your best wishes to the game, Happy 10th Year Anniversary KSP
  3. Wish I could also get the jeb plushy but it's not available in my region,India
  4. Finally,we are getting circular solar panel!! And Ground Anchor
  5. Is their is a bug that makes ksp close,I know we all have experienced that but in this case it happens every-time when I load my save file it doesn't loads but closes automatically
  6. RIP Micheal Collins "Loneliest man in history" 1930-2021
  7. I glad that the developers of KSP 2 postponed to 2022 because of seeing what happened to Cyberpunk 2077 after a wait of 9 years!!, See your self We don't want a glitchy and buggy KSP 2 again
  8. I can't see more two launch pads in KSP MH,I don't know what happen but when i hover around the launch button it doesn't show up please help me.
  9. @Kerminator K-100 I know this is ksp 2 forums and I tried to fix it but I can't and from next time I will be happy and play with Kerbalism
  10. @The AzizAre you the one which Shadow Zone menstioned in a KSP 2 video
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