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  1. I would prefer a 1:1 scale system, but I don't expect it to happen. Rebalancing the parts and so forth to work with the new scale isn't all that difficult, but there are other issues. My info may be out of date so correct me if I'm wrong, but to my knowledge new versions of Unity still have the same 32-bit floating point limit that KSP1 has which is only made worse by RSS scaling everything up. The glitches induced by RSS are forgivable for a mod but most would find them unacceptable for a retail game. As explained here:
  2. Options are necessary to adjust the difficulty for less experienced players. They could stand to reduce the number of options to a more concise "easy/normal/hard/extreme" choice though. Beyond that people can use mods and tweaks if they want to really fine tune things. Simplified difficulty choice would make the game more approachable for new players, and allow players to better compare their accomplishments and creations.
  3. I'm gonna say it's pronounced the same as "inertia." If not I'm disappointed.
  4. GDC is next month. We might get more news then.
  5. Starship seems like kind of a dull name at first, but if you give each vehicle a unique name like the shuttles had it's pretty cool.
  6. Competition is always good. SR2 is still missing a lot of things, but it's surprisingly feature rich compared to KSP in the early days. It will probably take a year or two before it really catches up to KSP, but it's off to a good start.
  7. It's a big job but multiplayer would be the best thing they could do if they like money.
  8. I really wanted to like it but it just didn't hook me. Too shallow and repetitive. Might be enjoyable when it gets more content, but knowing Paradox they're going to release every little bit of content as paid DLC. It does have mod support going for it, though I don't know the extent of what modders will be able to do with it.
  9. Publishers have become stingy about reducing base prices because Steam has a major sale at least every 3 months these days. Excluding new releases, most people aren't willing to pay full price for a game anymore when they can just wait a few weeks and pay significantly less. If the base price for KSP was $25 then the -40% price would be only $15, which is what most people would end up buying it for. That or they have to do a smaller discount, and that doesn't draw as much attention. Kind of like when stores jack up the prices on items just before Black Friday, then put -50% signs up. The customer thinks they're getting a great deal because of the big -50% sign, but they're actually only getting say 10% off of the normal price. You can't really blame Squad for not cutting the base price, because it only makes sense from a business standpoint. Personally I bought the game for just $13 back in 2011.
  10. Given that 1.4 is going to include an engine update, there will probably be some kinks.
  11. Imagine this, but with a Saturn V.