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  1. Gamescom is where they first announced the game in 2019. Of course they don't necessarily need to appear at any expo to announce a date or other info.
  2. They were filming a new video just a week or two ago, so I'm sure we'll be seeing that soon enough.
  3. I've always preferred the idea of having a monthly or annual funding based on your reputation, with some contracts giving you bonus money. To prevent players from just timewarping to get money you could have your reputation decay over time. I do like the idea of ditching money altogether and using material resources instead though, since that plays into colonies very nicely.
  4. There's no reason they have to die of old age, they could just stop reproducing when the colony reaches capacity.
  5. If it were releasing in April there would be a marketing push already.
  6. From what I've seen personally most players probably never make it to the Mun, much less Duna or Eve. I wouldn't be surprised if more than half never even make it into orbit. That's just how it goes for most games though. Even if you look at a really popular AAA game with a shallow learning curve like Doom Eternal only 35% of players have finished the game, and only 81% have even finished the first level.
  7. I don't expect more than a handful of star systems, but the framework should allow more to be added in the future. Either in official DLC or by mods.
  8. For travel within a star system chemical rockets like methalox engines should still be useful, but for traveling between star systems you need something with higher efficiency and thrust if you want to do it within a reasonable timespan.
  9. Multiplayer adds a social element and makes it much easier for fans of the game to get their friends into it. The learning curve also becomes smoother when you've got someone in-game with you that can help you out. Will all of those people still be playing the game years later? Of course not, but they will have bought the game.
  10. Improved tutorials will definitely help, but I think the biggest thing that will draw in new players is the addition of multiplayer.
  11. It's still going to be more CPU dependent just like KSP1. It's got a lot more eye candy but if you turn the graphics settings down I don't expect it will take that powerful of a GPU to run. Which is good because purchasing a new GPU isn't an option for most people right now.
  12. I've never noticed that, but if it really bugs you there are a number of skybox replacements to choose from.
  13. I'm guessing they'll probably be about colonies and multiplayer. Multiplayer is a huge deal in terms of driving sales so they're gonna want to put a spotlight on that when the time comes.
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