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  1. You can use the KIS/KAS mod to attach struts in orbit.
  2. I use it all the time for tugs when assembling stations/motherships. True it's not the most efficient, but it simplifies things by allowing my tugs to share a single RCS tank instead of bringing RCS+LFO tanks.
  3. I not against VR, but I don't really see KSP benefiting from it as anything more than a gimmick. I'd much rather they spend their effort on more important features.
  4. Here's an old shot of my gantry crane from 2013. It worked fine, but the site was so laggy with multiple landers around that I never did much with it.
  5. You guys know Kerbin is just a mirrored version of the example map for libnoise, right? It's been tweaked a little over time, but most of it isn't hand-crafted. http://libnoise.sourceforge.net/examples/complexplanet/index.html
  6. I've done cranes before, but they've always ended up being more trouble than they're worth. If you're going to use Infernal Robotics the way to go is probably to just build all your base segments with wheels on adjustable rails. That way each segment can drive itself up for docking and adjust the wheel height for uneven terrain.
  7. Is there a way to disable malfunctions? I like the idea in theory, but trying to set up a satellite network is basically impossible when they all start breaking during a time-warp to Minmus.
  8. Right now the game is still missing a lot of features. Modding is great, but the game shouldn't be so heavily reliant on mods for basic features. Once the game is in a more complete state I think most people would be happy to pay for a decently sized expansion pack. Hopefully the next update will include some of those missing features, now that the big engine overhaul is done.
  9. The texture is right there in the game files. Or you can just search for 'navball texture' on google images.
  10. Run the game in borderless windowed and you won't have to alt-tab.
  11. If you have the game on Steam, all you have to do is right-click the game in Steam, then go to Properties->General Tab->Set Launch Options and add -popupwindow there.
  12. It's not really "correct" behavior, but with how the thermal system in the game works it does happen. It's usually negligible though, assuming you're not using the heatshield in an unusual way. In general if you're heating up that much during launch you need to lower the throttle or head back to the VAB and adjust the thrust limiters on your SRBs.
  13. I've been using this on my new career save. Just have to override the traction control and lower the friction on the wheels. The range isn't the best, but it's really maneuverable and can carry a few science instruments. Good enough for early career jobs. As for the runway, I don't use it. The plane is light enough that you can just do a U-turn after spawning and take off on the flat end-portion of the runway. It gets airborne as it reaches the drop-off of the runway kind of like an aircraft carrier. Alternately you can just roll it off the side and onto the flat ground.
  14. This. Overriding the traction control and lowering the friction makes the gear nice and stable. Only downside that with little/no friction on the wheels it's very easy for them to start rolling on their own if brakes aren't applied.
  15. The LES is never necessary because there are no random part failures or chain-reaction explosions in KSP. Even in worst case scenarios like your boosters slamming into your core stage, the capsule remains unharmed 99.9% of the time.
  16. Delta means change, and V means velocity, so it literally means "change in velocity" No matter how big or small your spacecraft is, it will always take the same X amount of delta-v to go from A to B. (assuming the mission profile is executed the same) However, a big heavy craft will require much more fuel to make the same change in velocity than a small light craft, and different engines can use that fuel more or less efficiently than others.
  17. Been playing since 0.7.3 or 0.8, can't remember. Joined the forum in July 2011.
  18. I have to agree. I'm fond of very unforgiving games, and like the idea of difficulty mods and no quicksave, but the game is still too unstable for it.
  19. These are both a bit old now. The first one was before RAPIER's were added to the game.
  20. Version numbers are not decimal points. 1.0.10 is not the same as 1.1.0. Think of it as [Major Release].[Major Update].[Minor Update]
  21. 64 bit on Windows is the biggest feature really. Yea you could use 64-bit on Linux before, but OpenGL cuts the framerate in half and has issues with shadows.
  22. When the time display in the upper left corner changes from green to yellow/red, it means the game is slowing down the timescale. This is usually because the CPU can't handle the physics calculations when you have a rocket with a lot of parts, so in order to keep the framerate playable it slows down time in the simulation, allowing the CPU more time to calculate physics for each frame. Since KSP is on Unity 4, it can only use a single thread for physics calculations, which means even modern multi-core processors struggle to keep up with KSP. The upcoming 1.1 update is switching to Unity 5, which allows for multi-threaded physics, but to my knowledge (someone correct me if I'm wrong here) it's still limited to one thread per craft, so we'll just have to wait and see how much of an improvement it really brings. The i5-6400 is a modern Skylake processor, but as a lower end model, the 2.7GHz the clock speed is a bit slow. You could look into overclocking it, but the multiplier is locked on the 6400, so I'm not sure how much of an overclock you'd be able to get out of it. You could upgrade to a higher model CPU like an i5 6600k or i7 6700k, but that's probably not worth the significant cost of those models. There's really just no good solution, KSP started as a very simple little game and ballooned into a much more complex one. As a result it was kind of shoehorned into the Unity engine and doesn't run that well even on very high-end machines. All that said, I would still recommend getting at least a mid range dedicated GPU, given that your other hardware is not too shabby. I would probably also wait for the 1.1 update and see how the game performs after the Unity 5 switch before spending any money, unless you have other games in mind.
  23. Minecraft does have a considerable amount of engineering challenge, especially when you start playing with redstone and various mods. In that regard it has similarities to KSP.
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