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  1. Ian is expected to be a Cat 4, not a Cat 2. It's been gradually increasing ever since it was first spotted SLS can sustain gusts up to 74 knots (not sustained), which have 30% chances of showing up at Cape now. 1 out of 3 is not an acceptable chance for a 4.1 billions rocket As others have said, Ian has decent chances to be the strongest hurricane in the Gulf in the last 17 years
  2. Possibly the last prediction before NASA takes a final decision, the models have gone even kore eastward and towards Cape. No chances of a launch this month imo
  3. Things are looking worse and worse for Cape, a rollout is extremely likely now based on most models
  4. Endeavour being prepared for Crew-5, I highly doubt it will launch before Ian has passed however
  5. A faster pad turnaround is also needed for next year's 100 falcon launches goal, given that 39A is going to be interrupted more and more by Starship, FH and crew launches in the near future
  6. One thing to note is that there's another rocket that, despite being very old by now, mostly avoided these LH2 leaks problem: the Ariane 5 had a prototype tank built for it so that while the rest of the rocket was still being built they addressed the leaks and problems found by testing it with the pad GSE. This didn't happen with SLS, and I'm pretty sure it didn't with Shuttle either
  7. That seems also confirmed by the fact that despite the previous attachment to RTLS only they've since switched to a Spacex-like droneship
  8. Those Dragon modifications for Polaris Dawn look pretty interesting
  9. It's a spin prime Still 4 hours in the window, but i'm not sure if there's going to be more after this
  10. The notice has been delivered, the road is closed, the pad is clear and prop loading has just begun on B7. Looks like we could see more static fires today
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