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  1. I usually set the text to AAAA or something like that, bold it and use that setting that makes text wider until it fills up the whole rectangle
  2. On top of what others said, the red stripes and overall recoloring is done with conformaldecals, usually through the custom text part. The designs are a mix of real and fictional: the CRAF design is real, just as Pioneer Agena, the D-2, the IOWS and the Galactic Jupiter Probe, while Kometa is fictional (more on the design in the tantares thread), just as the LEO D-2, AAP MOL and that specific C-3 design
  3. I'd rather make one for our current one while we still have the chance
  4. They have. Aerojet is the most recent to be sued
  5. I mean, many of those are weather related. The scrub before this one for instance
  6. Nobody actually built anything with that architecture, but it was somewhat heavily proposed during the early shuttle program for drop tank designs, such as Starclipper. The relative engine is the XLR-129
  7. 900 m/s are to stay actually at L2, but most (all? I think) don't do that - they insert into a large halo orbit around it, like in the figure below, which has a free insertion but is dynamically unstable and requires monthly corrections in order to remain in it
  8. The F9 didn't launch Euclid to LEO, it injected it to an L2 transfer orbit. It has also launched payloads to GTO, L1 and lunar transfer orbits in the past
  9. Sounds like the VIF problem solved itself, lol
  10. Countdown seems to be going smooth for now, we're nearly 1 hour before liftoff
  11. Still no prop load, currently they're roughly 12 minutes behind schedule if they started now
  12. Tank farm is spooling up! T-3 hours 24 minutes till liftoff for now
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