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  1. Stage sep, Mvac ignition, boostback
  2. Till the livestream, liftoff is 1 hour later
  3. Aw I was hoping for the 23rd, that's my birthday
  4. Well, they proposed a crewed variant to NASA, so they have at least the option of owning it. But yeah, they can't choose that for the USAF missions
  5. Or Lockmart wants Boeing out
  6. It already flew on F9, so the next flight will be on that likely. I imagine they'll alternate F9 and booster-less Vulcan when the latter comes online
  7. The launcher/erector is coming back, then the crew arm will, then retry in a week or two probably
  8. Go for launch, everything green, t-11 minutes
  9. If they are what I think they are, they may the the wires to bail out from the launch tower in case of emergency, literally sliding down attached to the wires while still inside the IVA suit. It's not as fun as the Ares I ground escape system though, that one had a full rollercoaster for that purpose
  10. The other opportunities until March 2 are much less favourable
  11. It may also end up just as a test tank like MK1, (RIP), but it's also much smaller than Starship, so who knows. Maybe it will really fly
  12. Possible first methalox to orbit, and second to space!
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