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  1. All of them, while at that altitude and speed TWR > 1 is not needed firing 6 at the same time reduce gravity losses enough that it compensates the lower general isp
  2. Yup, a raptor and an RS-25 have a quite similar thrust I believe
  3. Detanking - chances are the S20 testing campaign is now over. B4 time, and then full stack!
  4. Looked like 6 to me, not 100% sure. As expected, various tiles fell off with those vibrations
  5. Siren heard now! S20 is also very frosty now
  6. S20 fairing hatch is closed, the pad is almost clear and Mary received the notice. The closure only starts in 3 hours, but it looks like they could finally static fire it this time! We don't know if it will be a 6 or 3 engines SF (all are installed), but there are engineering concerns over wether the suborbital stand can survive the thrust of 6 Raptors at full power of which three are Rvacs and if the risk is worth the additional certification of firing all together at sea level. If they do fire 6 instead of separate 3 SL and 3 Rvacs that means they probably consider S21 having enough progress to put S20 at risk
  7. A hour and 50 minutes, the stream started a while ago but well, dockings are either failed or boring (hell, most problems with docking are boring as well usually)
  8. Augumented performance Space Shuttle (Martin Marietta concept) Put simply, you take a a Titan first stage, then rework it massively like in the graphics below and fix the asymmetrical thrust while increasing performance at the same time. Hey, as long as it works
  9. Is it 5 science points for the whole vanguards and redstones? If so personally I would change that to be higher, the early science unlocks are extremely easy to get and basically makes the suborbital part of the space program a single launch
  10. A problem with that is that gateway is not... lunarstationary? selenostationary? relative to the surface, so that spot on the moon would not be in constant sight with Gateway. On the other hand, given that the moon is tidally locked, stuff on the surface is always either in sight of earth or always not in sight (for like 90% of the surface)... we'll have to wait and see what the best approach is
  11. As far as I remember, in an emergency 2 chutes make for a harder landing but still survivable. Like a soyuz landing without the solid rocket I think
  12. Also one unmanned landing to do before the crewed one
  13. Yep some sources say that it wasn't built by BO but commissionated to a secondary company, nothing of it is made by the NG machinery. It tests transportation n'stuff I think. It's much less complete than the Shuttle Pathfinder, for example
  14. Also worth mentioning this one in particular will not have engines mounted, it's a pathfinder without even tanks on it (just in case it wasn't obvious)
  15. Dearmoon is likely to slip tbh, but hardly more than 2/3 years at most. 2025 seems doable to me
  16. Two raptors are installed back, 2 SPMTs went to the launch site and yesterday there were 8 LOX deliveries to the orbital farm. B4 should be moved back to the OLM and static fired pretty soon probably
  17. Everybody saying wen Saturn C-8 when what we all truly want is the Barbarian MM 4-titan engines variant
  18. Better add a comment check to the KSP forum, like "It seems that your comment contains the words `C-8 Nova` and ends with a question mark. Are you really sure you want to ask that question? Also, C-8 isn't a Nova"
  19. I was thinking about the same but about Bono. This is basically everything he designed but TSTO instead of SSTO
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