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  1. The only parts left are the MEM, the MH panels, the BG parts, the new lights, the new RCS, the inventory containers, and I forgot the rest...
  2. Are there any plans to do airplanes parts?
  3. The old reliant and swivel And why is there no boar if there's a twin boar and singular bobcat
  4. Venera D, VeGa, Mars, Angara, Yensei, Amur, Soyuz-5, Orel, and LK-1000?
  5. Nope, I just saw the parts that were untouched by the team, the rest were gone
  6. I have a problem. I loaded Restock on ksp, and when I went in to the VAB, all the revamped parts were gone. Rest in peace Arecibo.
  7. Will there be Kerbal backpacks that can expand their inventory? Are there inventory slots in parts like lander cans, hitchikers, science labs, and pods? Will the BG deployable science parts become free? And are there new batteries to complement the deployable science parts? P.S. I love your hard work on KSP.
  8. 1. There doesn't need to larger parts. There could be Aerospikes and other types of engines and a modernized Sea Dragon and a Boeing LMLV would be cool. And I'm still waiting for 6.25m parts.
  9. After these mods are complete, I want Far Future Launch Vehicles and Far Future Exploration. This is just my opinion. You don't have to do these.
  10. I would want a 7- Star system extremely far away, with a bunch of hypothetical and rare planets and stars like quark stars, strange stars, quasi-stars, black dwarves, diamond planets, planets that are on the verge of being liquid but are still not solid, and some other strange stuff. And don't forget a really disfigured red dwarf, and a contact binary of two gas giants with everything having a really strange color, shape, and orbit. And maybe it could be hidden in the tracking station. AND MAYBE THEY COULD RELEASE IT ON MAC OS! -
  11. I think that there should be a 3.75 inflatable habitat, that the F15H might need a 2.5m variant, and that a 1.25m Lab would also be cool.
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